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What difference does it make?
There is no truth.

I edit spelling mistakes and somesuch. I prefer not to contribute to WoWWiki on a larger scale because I feel that it is better left to people who are not like me. You may ponder whatever that is supposed to mean, or then not.

I "have been playing since" Warcraft III in 2003, and World of Warcraft since December 2005, on and off. I used to play on the notorious Magtheridon EU but transferred to a PvE server in November 2007 because I was sick of getting ganked.
I hate nothing more than the stupid, retarded, unnecessary "horde sucks lol", "alliance is ftl" cross-faction hatred as well as the equally idiotic age-old "hoerd iz liek tptally teh eivl alinance is teh gud gusy every1 must paly allnaince!11" - "no is not lul u gots all worng" discussion.
Since I actively play both factions, try not to engage me in either as it will make me a very, very unpleasant conversational partner.

There really isn't any more.
Thank you and goodbye.

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