Who I Am Edit

I don't edit much here. Just now and then. I'm mostly a player and use this place for a reference.

Things I often are passionate about, and so edit, are articles relating to gold farming, twinking, and similiar hot topic debates. If you came to this page, it's probably because you are looking at an edit I made.

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Philosophy Edit

I don't believe there is anything morally wrong with gold buying, twinking, etc. I believe everyone should enjoy the game they want to play. While I also understand gold buying is against Blizzard's ToS, that makes it bannable, however it doesn't automatically make it illegal nor immoral.

With that statement in mind, I tend to edit statements that pass moral or legal judgement on those acts. I leave statements that are given counter statements, or stated as an opinion, rather than a fact. As an example I would change a line:

'Gold farming is bad for the economy' into 'Some believe gold farming is bad for the economy'. Or I would leave it altogether if there was another section giving counter points.

Playstyle Edit

I play an enhancement shaman who recently got level 70. I'm mostly in greens and working on getting in a situation where I can start progressing with raids and pvp. I'm currently working towards my Nether Drake and hope to be there in 2 weeks or less. I'm currently paying back friends for my epic mount. :P

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