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Azeroth has is not what it once was. The planet has been ripped apart. It's resources depleted. Deathwing's return sundered the world once more, causing the earth to heave and change. The Elementals cannot sit by anymore. The Elemental Lords have turned aside their battle to tend to their world. The damage cannot be repaired by them alone. They need you, to go through out the land, assisting the elements and nature in healing the land. Those who have answered this call will be sent to the far corners of the land, as diplomats and ambassadors, to cease the fighting of the elementals chaotic minions. They will be sent to the most barren and inhospitable regions, to help bring new life, and remove those who would see all burned to ash. it's time to save the world... Literally.

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Major Characters:

Elemental GuardianEdit


The new Hero Class!!!! These brave souls have given their body, mind and soul, to the will of the Elemental Lords. The few that have been deemed worthy have received great gifts over the aspects of the world, from the searing flames to the icy water, these powers are terrible and incredible to behold, and even more so to wield. These loyal followers are devoted to returning the world to it's true state, before the Titans idea of "order" and "harmony". Raw energy free to roam as it pleases, the first step, the destruction of the World Tree, Nordrassil has begun the process, now it is time to finish it. But some of these chaotic beings are skeptical. Could there be a balance, a middle ground? Is there a way for the Elemental Lords to have their desires be free, yet have the other races co-exist? Many Guardians seek to achieve this balance, and speak to their Lords and to the Horde and Alliance. These are the playable ones.

Creation and Starting ZoneEdit

To become one of these beings of raw elemental power, one must have a character of or above level 55. They are available to all races. Upon Creation, players will begin in a realm hidden by magic with in the Elemental, plane, and learn how to wield their great power. They will be sent on quests from all four Elemental Lords, their underlings, and even other Guardian NPCs. After wards, the Character will decide to aid the Horde/Alliance to mend the meddling of the Titans, and that of every other intelligent creature on Azeroth, while maintaing life and some measure of peace and harmony. Players will learn a spell to take them back to their hidden sanctuary for training.

Game PlayEdit


The Elemental Guardian's draw from the energy of the four elements, this creates a spell resource called Guard Calls. As these are used, they generate Elemental Power. These are sources of the Guardian's power. The Guard has 8 Calls and they have a short cooldown once used. The Guard has a maximum of 200 Elemental Power. This will remain available until used from spells or to change Aspects.

Aspects: The heart of the Elemental Guardian comes from which aspect they are currently wielding. Much like a Death Knight's Presence or a Warrior's stances, these Aspects grant unique buffs to the character and more. The Character is always in an Aspect form and each Aspect has unique abilities that can only be used while in that form. Switching aspects drains all resources. Upon creation, the Character starts with the Earth aspect and will learn the others before they leave their starting area. These are the Aspects:

  • Aspect of Earth: Your basic form. Your skin will become stone, taking on a grey and cracked hue. Your strength, armor and stamina will be increased. Your melee attacks are increased slightly. Your imposing stature increases all threat generated from all abilities even taunts. You can now manipulate the earth to do your will. Create shields and walls to protect your allies and yourself, shake the ground to demoralize and disorient your foes. The earth may rise up and crush all who stand in your way.

  • Aspect of Flame: A devestating form for those who can control or a vast danger to those untrained in the ways of fire. You will shimmer and glow, streams of lava run down your skin. you intellect receives a decent boost and your spell power, hit, critical strike rating and spell damage are greatly enhanced. Your are now extremely resilient to fire damage. The forces of flame will answer your calls to purge those that stand between you and your mission Burn your enemies with quick flashes of searing agony, or ignite them in a raging white hot inferno. Call raining, explosive meteors upon your foes or create great fissures spewing lava.

  • Aspect of Air: Become a ghostly wraith, taking on a faded and see-through form. Your agility, attack speed and run speed are enhanced while falling damage and the effectiveness of movement impairing spells are reduced. You are the wind, moving as freely as the breeze. Laugh as your opponents weapons fade through you. Disperse into the air to surprise your opponent, or to materialize for a brief strike, then move to another foe. Unleash howling blasts of wind to incapacitate or remove an enemy from the battle, either trapping them in a swirling whirlwind or tossing them about like a feather in a hurricane.

  • Aspect of Water: Fill yourself with the nurturing and refreshing energies of water. Your skin has a sparkling blue hue. Your intellect, healing and spirit are enhanced. Surround your allies in great healing energies to replenish them. This is where the restorative part of your mission reveals itself in full. Your arsenal consists of minor spells for cuts and bruises to great resurrections. coat your allies in mystic shields to restore mana or energy.

Here are some sample abilities in your arsenal:

  • Shielding Stone: Encase yourself or an ally in stone, reducing all damage by 95% while channeling. Requires 1 call and Aspect of Earth.
  • Rumbling Quake: Beat the ground with your fists, creating shock waves that knockdown and daze foes. Requires 2 calls and Aspect of Earth.
  • Pulverize: The earth rises up and collapses onto your enemies crushing them under the weight. Requires 75 Elemental Power and Aspect of Earth.

  • Pride of Ragnaros: Create great fissures in the ground, spewing mountains of flame and ash, incinerating any nearby targets. Requires 4 Calls and Aspect of Flame.
  • Supernova: Explode in a vicious rage, unleashing waves of heat and fire that bake and devour all that is foolish enough to attack you. Requires 6 Calls and 150 Elemental Power and Aspect of Flame.
  • Burning Skin: The lava streams in your skin grow, harming all enemies that hit you with a melee attack. Requires 2 Calls and Aspect of Flame.

  • Wind Step: Dissipate into the air and appear behind your foe, increasing dodge chance and increasing the damage of your next strike. Requires 1 Call and Aspect of Air.
  • Breeze of Fate: Dissipate and attack up to 6 targets, attacking every half a second. Requires 2 Calls, 50 Elemental Power and Aspect of Air.
  • Whirlwind: Encase a foe in a swirling vortex, preventing all action for the duration of this effect. Anyone that gets close will be repulsed and all spells and ranged attacks will be deflected from the whirlwind. Requires 2 Calls and Aspect of Air.

  • Graceful Tide: Heals a target quickly. Requires 1 Call and Aspect of Water.
  • Refreshing Surge: A massive heal. Requires 40 Elemental Power and Aspect of Water.
  • Water's Life: Resurrect a friendly target. Requires 4 Calls and Aspect of Water

  • Tame Elemental: Tame a wild Elemental, placing it under your control for 5 minutes. Becomes hostile when it breaks free. Requires 3 Calls.
  • Plane Gate: Takes you back to the Guardian Sanctuary. Can be used while dead, this will resurrect you you. but you Cannot re-enter Azeroth for 10 minutes if used to resurrect yourself. Requires 1 Call.
  • Elemental Rending: Unleash devastating elemental power. All enemies affected suffer one of four effects. Heavy Fire damage then fire damage over time. Heavy Nature damage and trapping enemy. Tossed far away by huge wind taking falling damage. Heavy Frost damage and slowing movement, casting, and attack speed greatly. Requires 8 Calls and 150 Elemental Power. Every 15 Extra Power increases effect. After use, halves Call regeneration speed and all abilities generating power generate half as much

The Elemental Guardian requires little armor, typically making up for this with the Earth aspect. They can use cloth and leather items. The Guardian does have knowledge of some weapons, being able to use dagger, one handed swords, one handed maces, one handed axes, shields and staffs. They start out with the ability to dual wield one handed weapons.

New PvP EventEdit

The mortal races have discovered something frightening and dangerous in the Elemental Plane. The rage of the Elementals have awakened an Old God. This one rests in the bowels of the Guardian's home plane. The titanic entity now gathers the Elementals to purge Azeroth. The Horde and Alliance have sent their best to eliminate the God, and his wrath. However, The God's latest projects, The Elemental Guardians, and the the four Elemental Lords, even the rogue Ragnaros, have been called to his aid. Prepare for a battle that will change the world as all beings know it.

This battle is for higher level players, and is the final part of the Elemental Guardian Process.

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