The Ancient Queen Edit

Deep below the Maelstrom, the former queen of the Night Elves, Azshara dwells. After the Sundering in the War of the Ancients, Azshara's rage and hatred towards all of the mortal races has warped her into a powerful sea witch. Her loyal Highborn, Changed by the Old Gods themselves, have become the Naga. The Ancient has sent out her scouting parties to the shores and coastlines of Azeroth. Now her wait is over. Azshara, and the naga capital Nazjatar, have risen from the depths as the heart of an evil empire dominating the water life of the Great Sea. Coming out of hiding, the Satyr Lord Xavius joins his former gueen, along with Varo'then, the captian of the guard, given new life through Azshara's power. Now they seek revenge against their Night Elf cousins and to dominate and reshape their world in the twisted Queen's image. Can the Heroes of Azeroth stand against the might of an Ancient?

  • Access to the many islands in the Maelstrom
  • New Raid: Nazjatar
  • new spells, more levels and much more!!!

Azshara RaidEdit

This is how i envision this raid working out, leave a note in this section if you have something to add.

Entering the PalaceEdit

You and your party travel on great boats through the Great Sea, towards the massive island city: Nazjatar. Slithering shapes go unnoticed below the waves. The first sign of danger is the sudden blowing wind and storm. Your ships cannot last. Crashing against the rocks of a neighboring island, you must now swim your way to the capital. However Azshara's forces are all creatures native to the water. You are at a great disadvantage, in their element. You feel the water stir. Turning about you are encircled by aquatic slaves, ready to attack. This will be a long and bloody battle.

To enter the palace, The raid group will have to swim to Nazjatar. About midway there, waves of the Naga's slaves will come. These include makrura, murloc, threshers and other creatures of the deep. Once the fight reaches the island, many of the sea creatures will no longer be able to chastise you, but many others still can. and now you are exposed to spellcasting from some Naga sea witches on the walls. They are with in 20 yards so abilities such as shadow step are useful. Any class that cannot make it on top will have to either sit back and wait, have a ranged weapon, or spell cast. You may want to have a feral druid tank this portion as they can fly up onto the wall. After the defenses are broken, you can break open the main gate. advance toward the palace and take out the opposition. At the doors,you will need to lockpick, blast open, or use a skeleton key on the 5 locks on the door. Each lock has a trap that will effect the person opening it. It can be dispelled by a rogue. Upon opening, the next phase of the raid begins.

The Royal PalaceEdit

The massive door shuts behind you. The locks click into place and the traps are rearmed. Now you must go on. the twisting corridors are riddled with slender sewers, and are filled with water. All this is to hamper your movement and enhance theirs. More than simple Naga await you. Was that a slivery wisp in the corner of your eye? Is that the sound of a muffled hoof?

Having devastated the Ancient Queen's ranks of slave soldiers, she sends her most loyal followers: The Naga and the Highborn Wraiths joined by the satyr that have rallied to Xavius's call. The players will fight their way through heavily armored soldiers, cunning satyr rogues, life stealing wraiths and serpentine witches in an effort to gain access to the throne room. On the way you will find cells full with prisoners. They are awaiting their fate: conversion. They can be freed and provide some small support for your party. Farther along you will find a large room with pillars decorated with serpents and sea witches. An altar with a carving of Azshara sits in the middle. This is where you encounter your first Raid Boss: The Resurrected Captain Varo'then.

  • This is a straight forward encounter. Due to Varo'then's military tactics he is exceptionally hard to hit with melee and hits exceptionally hard with melee. He can also hit up to 3 other allies in melee range besides his main target. and watch out for his Blade Frenzy which is a flurry of unstoppable strikes with his word and Concentration which enhances his damage done and reduces damage taken. Other than that, just beat him down and kick open the doors to fight the Lord of the Satyr.

The AntechamberEdit

Varo'then has fallen once and for all, your might rending his fragile soul to fragments. As you walk through the doors behind the Captain, you enter a huge chamber with shadowy corridors on every side. Standing in the middle of the room, a silhouette of great size moves across the walls. It stops beside the door you need to pass through to get to the Queen. Two black Eyes with red streaks appear in the Shrouded forms, head. Echoing laughter boos out as smaller figure step through the dark gateways.

This is Azshara's right hand Xavius and his underlings. You need to survive until Malfurion and Tyrande arrive to assist you with killing him.

  • Phase one: This phase lasts about 2 and a half minutes. The satyr arrive in force and attempt to eliminate the Raid Group. Beware, a number of satyr have mastered the art of surprise. Some waves may appear to have only a few mobs, but there will definitely be at least 1 sneaking up for a surprise attack. The trick is to have multiple tanks to handle the mobs that spawn from the side passages. The melee warriors aren't to much of a threat but the casters with their aoe and dot spells will wreak havoc, as will the assassins who are immune to all aoe spells, taunts or fear-type ability until they make their move. They don't have much health and are not a threat from the front, so they could be picked up by a Shaman or a Pet. Once the phase ends you have time to clean up. Xavius will make a speech consisting of threats and taunts. This is a very good time heal and rest up.
  • Phase two: Xavius will now enter the fight with an occasional satyr add. Xavius has an enormous amount of health, so your attacks are merely to keep him occupied for the next 2 minutes until Malfurion and Tyrande take over in the fight. Xavius' spells are all shadow damage, so having maxed shadow resist gear will help greatly for everyone, as his primary spell is a shadow bolt volley that targets 3 random players and does 25% health damage. Simply have the main tank keep him standing still in one spot, and have the off tanks pick up the adds. Another idea is to enslave the satyrs as they have a guaranteed 5 minute enslave time. This will be a healing intensive battle, and the groups whole efforts of attack are merely to stall, they can't do enough damage to end the fight at this stage.
  • Phase three: Malfurion and Tyrande arrive to save the day, Xavius enraged, blasts everyone away though this doesn't cause any damage. While Malfurion and Xavius exchange vows of vengeance and death, Tyrande will work on preparing the group to truly fight. Malfurion will remain in His natural form. When the speeches are over, Tyrande will charge and pick up Xavius and she will tank the fight as she is the only one who can take the amount of damage that Ol goat face will be dishing out. Malfurion will be hanging back and hurling every spell in the playable druids arsenal, plus some others. However Xavius will have enraged, increasing damage done by 100% and he gains some more attacks that allow him to pummel Tyrande. He can also tap into the life of his satyr minions, healing him for their remaining health. Tyrande needs to be healed regularly as Malfurion is too focused to heal her. If she falls Xavius will run straight for Malfurion, and he is no where near as tough as his girlfriend. If they both die then the encounter fails and the raid will wipe. Due to Tyrande's buffs, the group can now dish out the amount of damage needed to own his baaaaad behind. At about 15% health Malfurion will begin casting the spell that ends this encounter. However it is a 45 second cast so you will be with out his support for a bit. Once the spell is done Xavius instantly dies again, screaming vengeance, again.

The Throne RoomEdit

This is where it all ends. The Ancient Queen lurks through these doors. this is where she has been plotting, planning and transforming for ten thousand years. You are about to face the monster that sundered the world and nearly succeeded in eradicating all life. Second in power only to Sargeras. Are you prepared?

As you walk into the pool a light floats to the surface and an evil, maniacal laughter rings out. The very water pulsates with hate. Slithering forms sneak up and with a rush of scales and fins, the Naga elite quickly disarms your group. the light then turns into a beautiful, Night Elf queen. But beauty is only skin deep here. Taunts and words dripping with malevolence are uttered and then Azshara commands the very water to seize and envelope her two greatest enemies, and your greatest allies. Now the fight begins.

  • Phase one: For this part of the fight you really need to beware. Azshara is a master if seduction and glamour. She will regularly entice then control you or your raid. One spell completely charms a character, turning them against the person with the second highest threat. However, the controlled person has full the use of their abilities, and an eagerness to please that cannot be sated. This spell doesn't last long but can't be dispelled with trinkets or racials and it is crippling especially if the charmed toon is a warlock or DK. The other spell is merely a sleep spell that can be broken. Also beware of your surroundings! Azshara has been under water for a very very long time. You also happen to be fighting in a pool of water. she will manipulate it into traps such as sucking you down under, or immobilizing the raid by freezing the pool. Frost gear is highly recommended.
  • Phase two: after you beat her down to half health, a massive wave knocks the raid backwards. Then Azshara starts to twist and writhe and grow. When it is over, all trace of the night elf is gone replaced by a monstrous tentacled beast that reflects the Queens twisted heart. She loses her seduction spells, but you now have a new threat. Her massive tentacles in addition to her old spells. They will swipe grasp throw and crush players that get too close. They have moderate health and when killed they respawn after a while. Another problem is if a player takes a killing blow, a 30 second debuff will be applied, turning them into a Naga servant until they are killed again, or Azshara is killed. Avoid the thrashing and you should last until the final event of the fight. This phase will last until she is brought down to about 60% heath.
  • Phase Three: Weakened and losing Azshara reaches across the realms and calls upon her final pawns Illidan and Lady Vashj. Once they arrive, Azshara orders them to attack. But Illidan hesitates, the sight of Tyrande stirs a spark of feeling in him, causing him to break her free of her icy prison. Azshara furious, screams and then tries to use a Glamour on Illidan forcing him to kill his brother and Tyrande. Tyrande meanwhile tries to talk sense. After convincing him to use his eyes his gift from Sargeras, Illidan sees through the Glamour, and breaks free. then, reverting almost into his night elf form, he breaks Malfurion free as well. A surprised Malfurion gasps. His brother? Then Azshara screams again and orders Vashj to attack. Illidan sddenly switches back to his demon form and rips Vashj apart. Defiant, enraged and remembering what it was like to feel, to love, Illidan leads his brother, childhood love, and you into the fight. Azshara is strong, but she can't compare to your might. Just throw everythung at her and she will die.

Azshara has fallen and so has her dark empire, as all empires must fall. And Illidan thougth lost to his corruption and madness, has come back to the light, maybe he can hold on to it this time, and move on. His help will be invaluable in the trials to come. in the mean time you players can go gloat and show off your awesome Achievements gear and the fact you defeated the Ancient queen. Enjoy it!!!

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