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My favorite race in the entire WOW universe is by far the sporelings. First seen in the Burning Crusade Expansion, these sapient mushrooms have faced many hardships in their native home of Zangarmash. Now, I know that since they were only seen in the very first expansion, the odds are strongly against them ever coming back in the future. But I can still be hopeful! I believe that even though they have a very small population and being on an entirely different planet than Azeroth, they could become more important in future patches or expansions.

Small pox?!?! What?!?! Where?!?!


Coming from the shattered world of Draenor, the sporelings hail from the swampy land of Zangarmash. Originally, the sporelings lived in piece in their capital city of Sporeggar. Life was peaceful, and all was well. After Draenor was ripped apart, Zangarmash took a turn for the worse. The climate changed, causing the aggressive spore walkers to expand in population, having there eyes on their favorite snack: sporelings. Not only that, but fungal giants prey on newly hatched sporelings, thus leading to a massive decline in their population. On top of that, naga's saw the sporelings as a nuisance, and mercilessly slaughtered them. Seeing no other way out, the desperate sporelings turned to the help of wandering adventurers. Whenever Horde or Alliance heroes would pass through Sporeggar, sporelings were at first skeptical. However, they were very quick to befriend them, enlisting their help to hold off the naga, spore walkers, and fungal giants. Still, even with this extra help, the defenseless sporelings could not obtain a steady population, due to the fungal giants killing newborns. As time passed, the sporelings would rely on the passing travelers, seeing them as their one and only salvation. Over time, though, less and less adventurers would pass through Zangarmash. The sporelings did not know this, but the adventurers had their own problems, such as the emergence of Deathwing and The Shattering. Thinking that they have been forgotten, the sporelings all came together under the command of their Primus Msshi'fin, they brainstormed new survival tactics. After a long time of thinking and clashing heads, the sporelings came to two decisions: leave Zangarmash or face total extinction. ''But where could we go?'', they thought. Msshi'fn sent a young sporeling, Mssk'la, to follow an adventurer out of the Outland. Unlike other sporelings, Mssk'la was unique: his skin was red, not purple, a very rare genetic trait. Mssk'la did as ordered, and found his way to The Dark Portal. Believing he should investigate further, Mssk'la went through the portal and into Azeroth. Mssk'la was astonished by this strange world. Nothing was familiar, different races, different animals, and the biggest problem was the language barrier. Mssk'la quickly made his way back to Sporeggar, informing all of the sporelings of this grand new planet. The final decision belonged to Msshi'fn, whether to stay and make one final stand, or leave to a place that none of the sporelings had ever even heard of. He went with the latter. The next step was more complicated: getting their. An entire tribe of sporelings doesn't go unseen easily. The Burning legion also stood in their way. So, they decided ''What if we went UNDER the Outland?'' this idea was quickly trashed upon realizing that if they did that, they would fall into the Twisting Nether. So the best option was flying overhead, unseen. They tamed giant sporebats and used them as mounts. They also took control of a small colony of spore walkers, and domesticated them to carry their goods. All was set up, and the sporelings were ready to take a daring journey to the Dark Portal. At first, their plan was working. they avoided conflicts and made their way out of Zangarmash and into Hellfire Peninsula. That is where they first encountered the Burning Legion. Knowing that they could not fight them, they made a risky dash to the portal. Finally, they accomplished their mission and got to the portal. However, their journey wasn't over yet. The sporelings flee-attempt attracted more Burning legion members, leading them to the portal. The legion, after battling through the Azeroth defenders, attacked the sporelings. Not about to let his people make it this far in vain, Primus Msshi'fn valiantly pushed his people ahead and stayed to hold off the Legion. This was a futile attempt for Msshi'fn, but it did give his people time to get through the portal. They were finally on Azeroth. Now that they were where they wanted to be, the lost sporelings had no idea where to go. At the other side of the gate, they were confronted by Horde and Alliance Generals. Seeing there naive nature and their battle potential, the Horde quickly befriended the aliens. The sporelings took a liking to the Horde, but also had no problem with the Alliance. Seeing that both sides obviously wanted the sporelings as allies, the Alliance and Horde came to a mutual decision: let the sporelings settle down, hear the Horde and Alliance goals, and pick a side. The sporelings agreed to the idea. The Alliance helped the sporelings in finding a home. The sporelings, naive and lost they mat be, did not come unprepared. they brought seeds, the same that grew the giant mushrooms in their homeland of Zangamarsh. In the bay in between The Hillsbrad Foothills, Arathi Highlands, Wetlands, and Dun Murough, the sporelings dropped a single seed. What they didn't expect was for the seed to react to Azeroth's unique soil. It immediately started growing. Every day, the sporelings would wake up and it would be larger. After a week, it stopped. The mushroom was now the size of a country, one that the sporelings could call their own. In memory of their brave and honored leader, they named it Msshi'fn-Terrace. After they climbed to the top of the mushroom, they found it to their liking. It was just like home. After they started a small town on top, they introduced the animals that they brought. The sporebats and spore walkers grew quickly on the mushroom, but were kept under control by the sporelings. Since no predators were their to prevent it, the sporelings experienced a population boom. Now came one more problem: who could lead the sporelings? After Msshi'fn died, they have been wandering aimlessly. They needed a leader. They decided to elect the one person who has helped them the most. The unanimous decision was Mssk'la. Shocked at this outcome, Mssk'la accepted, becoming the Primus of the Sporelings. Now came their dilemma: Horde or Alliance. An embassary was sent from both factions. The sporelings listened intently, fascinated by their arguments. Being peaceful people, the sporelings favored the Alliance, seeing their ideas as the one that would make the least bloodshed. They did, however, also like the Horde, the Horde being the ones to greet them upon their arrival to Azeroth. In the end, they came to a mutual decision: Alliance is the best choice. With open arms and gracious heart, The Alliance welcomed their newest members: the Sporelings. Time passed, and the sporelings quickly assimilated. Their tiny settlement grew into a thriving city under the leadership of Primus Mssk'la. Their city was big enough to be called their Capital, and was appropriately named New-Sporeggar. Msshi'fn quickly developed an unique environment, much like the one of Zangarmash. The Alliance proved to be irreplacable allies, helping the sporelings in their times of need. They achieved their goal: Find a New Home. Even though the sporelings are peace loving people, they are not against fighting, especially for their allies. Taking part in battles against the Horde, the sporelings proved very adept in combat, more-so than even they themselves expected. Maybe they were welcome on this new planet.

Race Overview

Leader= Sporeling Primus Mssk'la (Formerly Msshi'fn)

Capital= New-Sporeggar

Starting Zone= Western Msshi'fn Terrace

Repuation= Starts off friendly with Stormwind and Exodar, neutral with all other factions.

Language= Common and Sporelish

Currency= Upon entering Azeroth, were forced to abandon Glowcaps and convert to using Gold, silver, and bronze as money.

Character Design

Males look the same as the in-game sporelings, females are thinner, have more human-like heads, breasts, and more defined facial features

Skin: A new sporeling player can chose from numerous skin colors, ranging from various shades of purple, blue, and pale green.

Hair: Not actually hair, the sporelings hair edit actually changes the shape of their heads, which are tall and flat.

Spore Sacks: Sporelings unique edit are the spore sacks, located all around their body, the orange, slightly glowing parts of them. The edit changes the size and location of the spore sacks.

Face: Changes the more detailed, refined features on a sporelings face.

Graphic Design

The sporelings wear clothing, at least in my version. The spores coming out their backs jut out of their shirts or robes, much like the Forsaken's spines come out. They wear gloves, pants, and chest pieces. Head gear is adjusted to properly fit their head shape. Do not wear shoes: shoes are instead shown as ankle guards, much like Tauren or Dranei.


Even though they favor peace, the sporelings did realize upon entrance into Azeroth hat they needed to adopt more violent methods, at times.

Warrior The sporelings were fairly capable with swords and other weapons. The barbaric methods were very appealing to some younger sporelings, especially ones born after the entrance to Azeroth. When trained, they can be very dangerous. Seeing it as the simplest class, the sporelings quickly learned the warrior's ways. A starting sporeling warrior has a broad sword.

Mage When they entered Azeroth, sporelings had no idea what magic was. The gnomes showed them what it was and how to use it, and the sporelings became fascinated by it. They studied it so much, that they eventually go to the point where they were adept at using magic in combat. Starting sporeling mages have a wood staff and simple cloth robes.

Rogue Due to there small stature and quiet nature, the sporelings proved to be very good rogues. Starting sporeling rogues have a knife and a mace in the shape of a mushroom.

Warlock Upon their exit from the Outland, the sporelings were bombarded by demons. Upon learning of the tactics of warlocks, they sporelings took great delight when they learned that they could enslave the ones who killed their beloved leader. Not normally being cruel in nature, the sporelings do not forgive those who have killed their kin. Starting warlock sporelings begin with a wooden staff, cloth robes, and an imp minion.

Hunter On Draenor, the sporelings had no need to kill animals, However, after Draenor was destroyed, the sporelings had to defend themselves from the brutal spore walkers. Through this, they learned to use bows, guns, and crosbows as deadly weapons. Starting sporeling hunters begin with a crossbow and a small sporebat as a starter pet.

Paladin The light of paladins was an alien concept to sporelings. They did, however, take a liking to the ideas of paladins. They quickly trained themselves to become powerful paladins and let the light guide them. Starter sporeling paladins begin with a two-handed wooden hammer, like most other races.

Shaman Harnessing the elements seemed like a very cool idea to the sporelings, so they actively pursued it. After intensive training, the sporelings managed to become succesful shamans. Starting sporeling shamans begin with a wooden shield, mace, and their totems are mushrooms, with the respective totem colors swirling around them.

Racial Traits

Sporeskin: 25% chance of reducing chance to hit by 35% when struck.

Knockout Spores: The sporeling racial ability. The sporeling releases an orange cloud around them, forcing all enemies to sleep for 10 seconds, unless they are attacked, which breaks the sleep. 10 minute cooldown.

Poison Specialization: The sporelings have the ability to lace all their weapons with poison, even if they are not rogues.

Nature resistance: Sporelings have plus 10 resistance to nature attacks..

Fungal Regeneration= When below 10% health, sporelings start to regain minor health for 5 seconds. When in affect, mushrooms sprout around the sporeling. Passive.


Marsh Walker

Racial Mount: Large, domesticated spore walkers. Seeking revenge for their former brutality, the sporelings tamed the mighty creatures, using them as effective mounts. Beginner mount colors are blue, purple, green, and pale yellow. swift spore walkers have armor on their tentacles and more armor on the body. They come in blue, red, and green.

Flight Routes:The flight paths on and from Msshi'fn-Terrace are all carried by large sporebats. At level 60, sporebats can be purchased fro the sporebat handler, if you are a sporeling or are exalted with New-Sporeggar.


So, i believe that this is sufficient enough plot to at least give the sporelings a larger part in World of Warcraft. So, just in case Blizzard decides to bring back the sporelings, maybe this can give them a few tips about how to incorporate them.

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