The Progression Template is intended to be used on Realm pages to list end game progression guilds, showing how far each guild has progressed. The template consists of two parts, a header that will set up the table headings and an entry, which will accept various parameters for the raid. I have based this on Template:P but added features that should make it easier for guilds to update and manage their entries.


Adding this Template to a Realm PageEdit

Simplicity is the goal of this template. The template can be added simply be inserting two lines in the Realm page, {{User:Wige/Progression/Header}}, which creates the table, and {{User:Wige/Progression/Footer}}, which closes the table.

Adding a guild to the Progression TableEdit

Once the template has been added, guilds can be added by including {{User:Wige/Progression|<name>|<faction>|<kills>}} between the {{User:Wige/Progression/Header}} and {{User:Wige/Progression/Footer}} elements discussed above. Each parameter corresponds to a dungeon, and accepts a number indicating how many bosses in the instance or wing have been downed by the guild. Please note that a guild can enter "clear" or "done" instead of a boss count if the instance has been fully cleared.


 |guild=Clan of Woe

Name Obsidian Sanctum Naxxramas Vault of Archavon The Eye of Eternity Ulduar
Arachnid Plague Military Construct Frostwyrm
Alliance 15 Clan of Woe 10: Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Done Undone
25: Done Done Done Done 3/4 1/2 Undone Undone Undone


The following table shows the variable names to use for each raid in Wrath of the Lich King.

Instance Bosses Normal Name Heroic Name
Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter 3 Naxx10Arachnid Naxx25Arachnid
Naxxramas Plague Quarter 3 Naxx10Plague Naxx25Plague
Naxxramas Military Quarter 3 Naxx10Military Naxx25Military
Naxxramas Construct Quarter 4 Naxx10Construct Naxx25Construct
Naxxramas Frostwyrm Lair 3 Naxx10Frostwyrm Naxx25Frostwyrm
Obsidian Sanctum 1 OS10 OS25
Vault of Archavon 1 Vault10 Vault25
The Eye of Eternity 1 Eye10 Eye25
Ulduar 5 Ulduar10 Ulduar25

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