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Wige is an Alliance PvE player on the Velen realm, and a member of the Clan of Woe. He has several toons that he plays regularly, although his current focus is on his level 80 tank, Wigep.


Role Status Character Guild Spec Professions
Primary Secondary
Tank Active Wigep 80 Alliance 15IconSmall Draenei MaleIconSmall Paladin Paladin <Clan of Woe> Protection APB Skill Herbalism 450 APB Skill Alchemy 450 APB Skill First Aid 450 APB Skill Cooking 294 APB Skill Fishing 240
Healer Active Wigepriest 80 Alliance 15IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Priest Priest <Clan of Woe> Discipline APB Skill Enchanting 450 APB Skill Inscription 450 APB Skill First Aid 450 APB Skill Cooking 135 APB Skill Fishing 26
Ranged DPS Active Wigeronin 80 Alliance 15IconSmall NightElf MaleIconSmall Hunter Hunter <Clan of Woe> Marksmanship APB Skill Skinning 450 APB Skill Leatherworking 443 APB Skill First Aid 450 APB Skill Cooking 450 APB Skill Fishing 450
PVP Active Caleris 80 Alliance 15IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Deathknight Death Knight <Clan of Woe> Blood APB Skill Mining 450 APB Skill Jewelcrafting 450 APB Skill First Aid 450 APB Skill Cooking 110 APB Skill Fishing 114

WOWWiki ContributionsEdit

Wige has created the following pages on WoWWiki:




Wige has also contributed templates.

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Pages its good to know aboutEdit


Wige uses User:Wige/Test to test templates and functions.


The following macros are among the most popular created or used by Wige's various toons.

Hunter Combat StarterEdit

This is my pet management macro. It puts Hunter's mark on the appropriate target, and sends my pet to attack, casting Dash as appropriate.

If you have an enemy targeted, casts Hunters Mark on the target. If you have a friend targeted, targets your friend's target and set Hunter's Mark. If you have no target, but your pet does, targets your pet's target and set Hunter's Mark.

Then, if your pet is active, the macro will activate Dash (for a cat, can be changed to Charge for a boar) and sends the pet in to attack, unless you are already in combat (and thus most likely using the macro to mark/target an add) in which case the macro will not use Dash.

All this, with a single click.

/assist [help] target; [noexists, pet] pet
/stopmacro [noexists]
/cast Hunter's Mark
/stopmacro [nopet]
/cast [nocombat] Dash
/stopmacro [nomodifier]
/point %t
/s PetName, Kill!

Oh yeah, if you shift-click (or alt or ctrl click) the macro, you will point at your target and say "PetName, Kill! "

Tankadin Fight MacroEdit

This macro randomly attempts to cast various Paladin abilities. When spammed, the macro will keep Avenger's Shield up, keep the target Judged, and cast Hammer of Justice and Consecration at the proper intervals. The Paladin must have Seal of Wisdom or Seal of Light up for this rotation to be effective.

/castrandom Holy Shield, Judgement of Light, Hammer of the Righteous, Consecration

AutoAttack and AutoFish MacroEdit

This macro switches between use as a toggle for autoattack, and a fishing cast, based on whether or not you have a fishing rod equipped.

/cast [equipped:Fishing pole] Fishing, Auto Attack
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