Weremagnus has been a Warcraft enthusiast since 1999, originally becoming a fan of the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans at the age of 11 (she is 18 now) and continuing to appreciate and support the franchise to the present. She is a Horde loyalist and finds the Alliance to be close-minded and racist. Only recently has she joined the Alliance out of nostalgic purposes for the Draenei.

She is known to dabble everywhere around the WoWWiki, anywhere she thinks needs work. She likes systematic pages, especially when a template is correctly followed and is likely to drop whatever she was doing to properly Boilerplate a page.

Her favorite Warcraft game has, and will always be, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, closely followed by Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. She is also quite partial to World of Warcraft, naturally. Her favorite characters are:

Outside of documenting, illustrating and writing articles at the WoWWiki, Magnus is an art student and freelance artist. And a WoW addict in denail.

Activity in World of Warcraft

Weremagnus plays on the Turalyon Realm, originally hailing from Eldre'Thalas. She has a vast array of alts, but plays a level 60+ Orc Shaman by the name of Gruag as her main.

Status Server Faction Name Gender Race Class Level Profession / Profession Guild Mount
Active Turalyon Horde 15 Gruag M Orc
Template:Race Icon Orc Male Small
Template:Class Icon Shaman Small
65 Miner / Goblin Engineer Wolves Swift Brown Wolf
Hiatus Turalyon Alliance 15 Kilaan M Draenei
Template:Race Icon Draenei Male Small
Template:Class Icon Priest Small
13 Herbalist / Alchemist None -
Hiatus Turalyon Horde 15 Drigka F Orc
Template:Race Icon Orc Female Small
Template:Class Icon Warrior Small
31 Blacksmith / None Wolves -
Hiatus Turalyon Horde 15 Hawe F Tauren
Template:Race Icon Tauren Female Small
Template:Class Icon Shaman Small
42 Skinner / Leatherworker None Brown Riding Kodo
Hiatus Eldre'Thalas Horde 15 Grusome F Undead
Template:Race Icon Undead Female Small
Template:Class Icon Mage Small
45 Tailor / Enchanter - Purple Skeletal Horse


Magnus is an Acolyte Bookkeeper here at the Wiki as general Lore Patrol, she has been spotted in the following locations:

  • Around Mob articles, boilerplating pre-existed and creating new entries.
  • Any article relating to monsters and the like.
  • Almost always around the Lore library, adding what she can and correcting/cleaning other articles.
  • Spilling ink and leaving doodles all over pages that need pretty pictures.
  • Always within visible range of Orc and Horde articles.
  • Has been known to tamper with Quest pages at random.

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