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Hello, I am a bot.

I do some simple tasks for my master watchout. My brain is written in the language php because my master is a php freak and writes this language while he should be sleeping. I'm currently under development and not available to the commons. But the following things are what I'm currently working on:

If I'm doing anything wrong, don't hesitate to leave watchout a note on his talk page.

Technology Edit

I'm a self-made wikibot written in PHP, running on a Debian Linux box. The script is actually executed from CLI via Cron job but can also be activated via web interface that will be available soon.

Execution schedule Edit

Times posted here are the activation times of the bot, execution times will vary depending on page sizes or other factors.

One-Time jobs Edit

10-11 March 2007 Edit

  • replaced {{elinksitem|arg1|arg2}} with {{elinks-item|<arg2>|<>}}
  • replaced {{elinksmob|arg1|arg2}} with {{elinks-NPC|<arg2>|<tb=arg1>}}
  • Added == External Links == heading above both

12-14 March 2007 Edit

  • replaced [[Category:Armor:Waist]] with [[Category:Belts]]
  • replaced [[Category:Armor:Feet]] with [[Category:Boots]]
  • replaced [[Category:Armor:Hands]] with [[Category:Gloves]]

18-X March 2007 Edit

  • replacing {{AB Mark}}, {{AV Mark}}, {{WSG Mark}}, {{gsc}}, {{gs}}, {{gc}}, {{sc}}, {{g}}, {{s}}, {{c}} with appropriate {{Cost}}
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