Inv misc book 07 This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
Warcraft3box This user has been playing since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
Wiki This user is addicted to WoWWiki.
IconLarge Alliance This user plays as a member of the Alliance.
IconLarge Horde This user plays as a member of the Horde.
Aldor Tabard This user's character joined the Aldor.
Achievement level 60 This user has reached level 60.
FemaleIconMaleIcon This user plays both female and male characters.
Ability mount ridinghorse This user's character has obtained an epic mount... yes, yes, just the racial mount....
Rouge = Red This user can spell Rogue IconLarge Rogue.
(i get a bit touchy about this, even to the point of

finding french insulting. No, seriously)

R before G This user can spell Orgrimmar.
Inv helmet 45 This user plays on an RP server but does not roleplay there.
VengeanceIcon This user would like Warden to be a playable class.
Inv weapon glave 01 This user would like demon hunter to be a playable class.
Ability whirlwind This user would like Blademaster to be a playable class.
(alliance gets wardens, so horde gets blademasters)
Achievement goblinhead This user wanted the Goblin to be a playable race, and their wish came true!
Bard48 This user plans on creating a Bard, and wave the power of ROCK!
Inv tinfoil hat Just because he/she's paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get this user...
Inv weapon glave 01
This user plans to kill Illidan!
(after the next expansion)
(can't do it for real *cry*)
Rogue-nightelf-f-60 This user plays as a night elf rogue.
Paladin-bloodelf-m-1 This user plays as a blood elf paladin.
Trade leatherworking This user plays as a Leatherworker / Skinner. Inv misc pelt wolf 01
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