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Hi! I started playing World of Warcraft on December 25th 2006, (got it for Christmas that year) and I play on Alonsus EU

The first character I every created was an Orc Warrior called Vel'khar Bloodrock. Orcs have always been my favourite race and I've always loved warriors in all forms of literature, so an Orc Warrior seemed a perfect match. As I said he was the first character I ever created and he reached 70 on January 08 (yeah, it took me over a year to get him to the highest level). People think I'm crazy that I'm still playing the very first character I made, and maybe I am a little crazy but hell, I don't care :)

Favourite Warcraft characters: Thrall, Grom Hellscream ( I want Gorehowl so bad), Durotan, Ogrim Doomhammer, Medivh, Arthas Menethil, the Lich King, etc...

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