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Wanderspirit, Kotori and Fo

General Info

Name: Wanderspirit Frosthorn (alias), Wanderstalin, Fatty.

Race: Tauren

Age: 44 (until Winter's Veil)

Class: Hunter

Professions: Herbalist and Skinner

Guild: Guildless.

Physical Description: 534 1/3 pounds heavy, quite pudgy, actually. Average height for a female. Her coat is milk white with piebald cream spots. Her horns and mane are black, and there are bits of pink gnome hair and blue elf hair woven into her braids. Two silver rings are intertwined at the base of her left horn. Her right horn has an iron bracket with copper wire holding the tip to the base. There is a scar from her nostril to her lip.

Personality Description: Very shy around strangers and unsure of herself. Stutters often in the company of said strangers or when she is nervous/afraid. Prideful to a fault and does not accept help unless it is forced on her to the point of mental breakdown. Has a deep-seeded hate for Thrall thanks to his war in the 'playfields' and because of this, kills every civilian she can. "A happy go lucky serial killer." If she is not moving she is unhappy. She is also very claustrophobic in places with 'little' doorways or small rooms. Most would say that she is insane and is a menace to the entire Horde. Others would also say that she is useless in a battle, and quite annoying. MEGLOMANIAC.


Wanderspirit hails from the frozen sierras of Winterspring. She is the living result of a torrid affair between a Druid of the Mistrunner Tribe and a Grimtotem Warrior. Her mother secreted away from her tribe before she was showing and found refuge with a small band of Moonkin. Her mother easily blended in, but a 'suit' was crafted for Wanderspirit, crafted from the skin and feathers of dead owlbeasts. Before her mother's death she revealed her secret and why she was given her name. Unfortunately, Wanderspirit does not know the name of her father, nor any physical details to find him. More details are available by reading The Deep Dreaming.

Wanderspirit has been fascinated with all things Grimtotem ever since, sometimes watching the males, in particular, for hours on end. She also travels extensively, usually ending up in some kind of trouble and nothing to show for it.

She is extremely shy at first meeting, especially around Shu'halo men and is generally suspicious of those who do not follow Por Ah.

She left Winterspring a few years ago after her mother's death. She was injured in a Bloodhoof massacre led by elves - having the tip of one horn broken off and a receiving a large gash from her nostril to her lip. Currently, she is pursuing some Unfinished Business in a blood-debt against all things elven for that battle.

Wanderspirit's Journal

Really, who one likes her anyway.

Friends and Enemies

  • She has tortured Griffonclaw in another fit of misdirected rage. Chronicled as The Trouble with Humans. There will likely be more fallout from this to come in the future for her, especially after the publication in common of her poem about the 'tryst', Twenty-Eight.

She really has no friends, most cannot stand her.


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  • She has revealed her true name to one person - Shu'halo.
  • She refuses to use the term 'Forsaken', instead opting for the term 'Gravetalker'. Jhullienne Treyakan had little luck changing her mind when the two of them met in the Orgrimmar Auction House.
  • Recently became the Council Arbiter for Ordo Draconis (GM) and runs the guild with new and old ways - with the help of the esential "Council Elders" --> Diety, Jazzalude, Grimwolf and Born.
  • Just had a birthday, but told absolutely nobody.
  • Is currently MIA because she finally realized that no one liked her in the first place.
  • Is most likely assumed dead of an ice cream overdose in one of her token eating binges, or perhaps she just ended it in one of a myriad of other ways.

Wanderspirit lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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