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General Info Edit

Name: Clottia VonAbsinthe - Formerly Claudia VonAbsinthe - Sister of Mercy - Orphan Relations for Stormwind

Race: Forsaken

Age: 38 (at the time of her human death)

Class: Priest

Professions: Skinner & Tailor

Guild: Church of Inverted Dawn

Physical Description: Most of the skin from her lower jaw is missing - picked clean for food. Her eyes are no longer, instead just two black pits. She walks as if every step is painful. She is usually covered in gravedust and smells like warmed over vomit. Her hair is so filthy it is usually clumped up and in a constant state of disarray. She has a rusty spoon in a belt loop - used for on-the-spot meals (vomit, droppings, whatever looks good).

Personality Description: Cold-hearted and unsympathetic to any and all living/dead/undead/almost dead/inanimate things. Would rather eat you than speak to you, but if bored, will indulge in berrating anyone within the sound of her voice.

Bio Edit

A former Stormwind Priestess responsible for Orphan Relations, Clottia was put to death for her crimes against the innocent. She was buried alive in the Western Plaguelands where she was infected with 'undeath'. More can be read about this by reading A View from a Pine Box and Little Lost Ones. A detailed description of her final days alive is explained in The Suffering of Claudia.

She joined up with Juralek and Skulda to re-form the Stormreaver Clan. Juralek used his magics against her and made her a loyal slave to him. More information on this relationship can be found from perusing Of Blood and Bone, The Price of a Finger, Letters and Longings, The Smell of Hate, To Meet Thy Enemy, Something is Rotten in Orgrimmar and Atop Dreadmist Peak.

Clottia has begun a sexual revolution due to Juralek's influence - which is chronicled on the adult section of the RP Archive here The Remains of the Day. <-- Password protected for adult's only. Contact Griffonclaw for access.

Because of this new turn in her life, she has completely abandoned her guild and started a new path of deviancy.

Gossip Edit

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  • Has taken up residence in the Brill cemetery. Crypt #27. Often times she lies there alone, other times, she has a 'friend' with her.
  • Has recently been seen with a new forsaken who offers his flesh to her whenever she looks hungry.
  • Is currently MIA.

Clottia lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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