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General Info Edit

Name: Caelestra Bitewind

Race: Night Elf

Age: 427ish

Class: Hunter

Professions: Miner & Skinner

Guild: Member of Hammer of Magni

Physical Description:


Caelestra is average size and weight for a night elf. Her left shoulder and neck is covered with sprial tattoos, as well as inside of her left ear. That ear is heavily pierced. There is a small notch at the tip and a mithril strand hanging from the end with an owl feather.

Her face is covered in mulberry tattoos as well.

At her side, she carries a string of demon ears and one small human ear.

Personality Description: Caelestra is a snob to most anyone who is not a night elf. She finds most other races irritating and cannot stand 'common'. She recently fell into a love/hate relationship with an ex-member of Remnant, Brandon Recoilius, a human paladin. She is slowly beginning to speak more common, but still finds it repugnant.

She is apathetic most times, though some see her as a hot-tempered woman, it is more in her tone than her intent.

Bio Edit

Before she was a hunter, Caelestra served time as an Astranaar Sentinel (Warrior), and a Druid of the Cenarion Circle. She may be 'green' in her skill as a hunter, but her awareness is as deep as the roots of the Great Tree. She mostly and usually only cares about Elven issues and emotions.

Was a member of Remnant until a recent difference of opinion with the 'Leadership' and has struck out on her own. She is positive they are under the influence of evil. Some of this can be found by reading Pendants, Earrings and Hugs and Gold on the Table. Caelestra was deeply traumatized when her guildmate, Catrionae Galagher was murdered by the Scions and has taken it upon herself to destroy every demon she can.

She still has contact with Recoilius. More can be learned of their relationship by reading Peaches Part 1, Peaches Part 2 (Adult) and Peaches Part 3 (Adult). Brandon has gone on an extended trip with his parents and Caelestra has not seen him for some time. This might also explain her current state of irritation with everyone and everything.

Friends and Enemies Edit

  • Brandon Recoilius Her closest friend and confident.
  • Griffonclaw - She despises him. Her first encounter with him was to find a naked night elf at his side in the middle of Stormwind. She was calling him "Mas tar". She refuses to see him as anything but a slaver.

Gossip Edit

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  • Recenlty left Remnant and is seeking a new home. She now finds the term "Light and Trust" a joke.
  • Recently purchased an elf at a 'date auction' at the AFI New Year's Party. The reasons were not romantic but solely xenophobic.

Caelestra lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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