Sons of Uther

The Sons of Uther have been said to be a secret organization that are attempting to retake Lordaeron without going into war with Forsaken. The have recently revealed themselves and attempting to get to Lordaeron but they got stopped by the war in Arathi Basin. After that they went to Tirisfal Glaves and requested a meeting with Sylvanas Windrunner. They said that they wanted Lordaeron back and if she gives it to them then they will give her Silvermoon City. She said yes and they marched through the Plaguelands. They disappeared at Darrowshire. It is rumored that they wrote the inscription for Uther's Tomb.

Who They Are

When the Cataclysm hit Azeroth, The Sons of Uther went and attacked the Undercity instead of fulfilling their plan, because of the situation with the worgen. The Sons of Uther also have revealed themself as the remnants of the Alliance of Lordaeron, not being led by Vythrin Lightbringer and Tirion Fordring.

Notable Members


Vythrin Lightbringer

Tirion Fordring

Secondary Leader

Lightamdir Lightbringer,

Kashel Lightbringer,


Varian Wrynn

Known Members


Calia Menethil,

Carlin Redpath,

Maxwell Tyrosus,

Korfax, Champion of the Light,

Leonid Barthalomew,

Rohan the Assassin,

Anduin Wrynn,

Archbishiop Benedictus


It is unknown if the Sons of Uther have any base camp by then. It is believed that they are going to base in Light's Hope Chapel.

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