King Vythrin Lightbringer is the current King of Lordaeron due to King Terenas' II's attempt to keep the Lordaeron dynasty going. He is the son of, the late, Uther Lightbringer.

The Beginning of the Third War

When Vythrin was born (during the Second War), Uther was told that he is infused with the Holy Light. Uther knew at that moment he would be the new Leader of the Silver Hand. As Vythrin grew up Uther started training him in the way of the Paladin as soon as he could lift a hammer. Vythrin showed incredible potential. When Vythrin was 3 the Second War ended with a close Lordaeron victory. Arthas Menethil was born when Vythrin was 5 . By the time Vythrin was of age to join the war he was already a member of the Order of the Silver Hand. Vythrin let Arthas be his "sparring partner." Upon the Culling of Stratholme, Vythrin was busy investigating the Plague. Arthas went to talk with Vythrin once, saying he was going to leave for the North in an attempt to find the same monster that caused the destruction of Stratholme. Vythrin immediately ran off to tell Uther, catching him in a conversation with King Terenas Menethil II. Vythrin started to eavesdrop on them. King Terenas explained to Uther that if in the slight chance that Arthas weren't to become the King of Lordaeron if he were to say fall in the Northerns, and Terenas has already passed, then he wants Uther to become King of Lordaeron. If something were to happen to both Terenas, Arthas, and Uther, then he wants Vythrin to become king. Vythrin was scared. He didn't know if he would be able to become a King. Let alone King of Lordaeron. He ran back to his steed, Fanghold. 3 months later, after Vythrin's 30th bitthday Arthas came back from Northrend without Light's Vengeance, but with a sword. It is unnatural for a paladin. But still Lordaeron celebrated his return. Arthas marched right into Terenas' Throne room. Vythrin knew what would happen when Arthas walked up to the Throne. Instead of watching Vythrin told everyone to evacuate Lordaeron. All Vythrin could hear was the sound of Terenas' crown falling off and rolling on the ground. Vythrin was scared. He immediately ran to tell Uther of what happened. Uther called for the Knights of the Silver Hand to retrieve Terenas' body, to set up fort in Andorhal, and to alert Quel'Thalas and Dalaran of what happened. The Knights brought back an Urn of King Terenas, instead. Uther took it and fled to Andorhal with Vythrin and the Knights. They stayed there until they saw Arthas coming upon Andorhal. Uther told Vythrin to run and hide somewhere out of Lordaeron. Vythrin refused to leave but Uther gave him an order. Vythrin fled to a nearby Caravan heading to Stormwind. As he was leaving Andorhal he heard multiple shouts from Uther and Arthas. He manage to catch "Have you come to piss on him one last time before you leave this Kingdom to rot?" and Arthas shout "The Urn of King Terenas is mine!" Vythrin knew what happened.

Lordaeron's coat of arms

Lordaeron Coat of Arms.

The Arrival at Stormwind

Vythrin as the only Knight of the Silver Hand that made it to Stormwind. He was in charge of telling Anduin Wrynn of what happened.

Life in Stormwind City

For 15 years Vythrin lived in Stormwind City helping fight The Horde. Over the years other Knights of the Silver Hand made it to Stormwind. Upon reaching age 40 Vythrin learned he had a brother living within Stormwind. He was kept a secret because he ran away when he was 8. Vythrin searched him out and found Sathius Veratan. He asked him if Veratan was his real last name. He said no and it was actually Lightbringer. Vythrin told Sathius how he was his brother, and the King of Lordaeron. He told him how he was thinking of trying to reclaim Lordaeron for the Alliance, and how he wanted Sathius to help. He already had the full might of the Knights of the Silver Hand, and some of the Alliance on his side. Sathius agreed. A month later Vythrin returned to Andorhal and found Uther's hammer, the Hammer of the Lightbringer. He took it upon himself to wield it. 2 years after that Vythrin met a woman named Raven Nektin. They started to date and eventually got married. They had 2 children, Vyndas and Tonland. Tonland being a courageous one and Vyndas being the disobeying one. Tonland decided he would be able to help by killing some Forsaken in the Undercity. He went on his own without telling Vythrin. Tonland was killed.

Revenge upon Arthas

A year later The Alliance and Horde united and marched upon Icecrown Citadel to confront Arthas. Vythrin was in the very group that killed Arthas. The Lich King had said that even the full might of the Argent Crusade, Knights of the Silver Hand, and the Alliance and Horde couldn't defeat him. Vythrin and Tirion Fordring were frozen in ice while the Knights and Crusade fought The Lich King. When Vythrin and Tirion were unfrozen Tirion jumped at Arthas and shattered Frostmourne. Vythrin than ran up on him and hammered him in his head, making his helm fall off. With Frostmourne shattered all of the souls in it came out, including King Terenas Menethil and Uther Lightbringer. Vythrin ran up to Uther and hugged him. Uther told him that with Frostmourne shattered, there is a possibility of resurrection for Uther. Vythrin told him that no matter what he would work until Uther was back. Vythrin went back to Stormwind to find Raven captured by the Forsaken. Vythrin figured out that she was being held in the Undercity.

Marching upon the Undercity

Vythrin gathered up Sathius, the Argent Crusade, All the Alliance warriors he could find, and the Silver Hand and charged upon the Undercity. It was a trap. Sathius, the crusade, and the Alliance Charged in through the front while Vythrin and the Silver Hand through the sewers. We successfully got Raven back, but at the cost of Sathius. Sathius was hit with a plague barrel and killed. Luckily Vythrin ran after his body and got it before another barrel hit. Coming back to Stormwind after that, they had the trouble of Vyndas wanting to go to the Undercity and kill Sylvanas. Vythrin stopped him from doing that. 5 years later, after Vythrin's 60th, Vythrin draws up more battle plans to take back Lordaeron. He learned over the years that while the place Uther died isn't in Alliance's hands, Uther cannot be revived.

With Lordaeron But For a Price

When Vythrin and the Alliance of Lordaeron, The Alliance, and the Sons of Uther marched upon the Undercity, and the Ruins of Lordaeron, they were attacked by a group of undead assassins attempting to kill Vythrin. All of the Assassins were killed, but for a price. Raven Lightbringer was killed in the battle. Vythrin, in rage, charged up into the Undercity, slewing every Forsaken to be seen until, eventually, killing Sylvanas Windrunner. Vythrin immediatly ordered for the Undercity to be collapsed, to avoid more Forsaken coming back. The dwarven Sons of Uther blew up sapper charges on the roof of the Undercity, making it collapse.

After two years of working, Lordaeron was repaired. Lordaeron City stood once more. And this time, its the Undercity thats in ruins.


  • Arthas! Vengeance has come for you! You shall pay for all the crimes you have committed to the Kingdom of Lordaeron!
  • Father! NO!
Preceded by:
Terenas Menethil II
King of Lordaeron
Succeeded by:
N/A (Soon Vyndas Lightbringer)
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