TLDR version: Iridescence, Meluth, Andreagf (all three of Live to Win), unknown pugger, and Epa go to Heroic Mech. Iri and Andrea kick out Epa, to bring in their guildmate Juxtaposed for the last boss. Epa posts thread, Iri and Andrea post a bunch of garbage as do several LTW members + officers. Several other LTW members go "Wtf?", including Meluth. GM's wife shows up echoing the stupidity of Iri and Andrea, chaos ensues including the vent conversation. Several LTW people gquit. Trade is overtaken by drama and flames. LTW has apparently 'blown up', though they have not disbanded it seems several more people have left, quit, or intend to transfer.

Our mention in WoWInsider's Guildwatch:

A screenshot that pretty much sums the leadership of LTW up:

Additional info, courtesy of Epa (as written in the original thread):

Cast of Characters Epa -- me; the pug tank kicked from a Heroic Mech run right before Pathaleon Iridescence -- LtW guild mage who kicked me Andreagf -- pally healer on the run, and one of two Rank 1 officers of LtW Zenobi -- the other Rank 1 LtW officer, and self-proclaimed wife of the guild leader Nalcomis -- guild leader of LtW

Andreagf's first response (page 3, #43) "Dude ur a retard, lol i kicked u for the fact MY guildy needed #@*# from that boss i dont care about u, or anything u have to say. You have spent more time crying about this then u have playing the game."

Iridescence's first response (page 3, #46) "well along with wat andreagf says wtf u qqing about epa *!%! happens its a game i love how u made like 15 post of pure crying no wonder why ur gear sux u spend too much time on the *@!#ing forum gratz u can diss ppl omg ur amazing like the sun eater woulda of helped u soo much we brought a guildie it wouda helped him more if he was on when we first started the run we wouldnt need u so just stfu and get good"

Zenobi's first response (page 4, #78) "Hmm well that sucks. As one of the leaders (and wife of Nalcomis) I say, Get over it. You were kicked for a guildie.. It happens sometimes. Unless you're in the guild then we DON'T CARE about you. We want to gear the people within the guild, not you."

A vent conversation with the leaders of <Live to Win> (Page 14, #276)

Names of those speaking in the mp3, according to Vent (and the time in the mp3 where they first speak): 0:01 -- Epa

0:04 -- Zenobi

1:06 -- Fernek

2:52 -- "BW"

3:02 -- Andreagf / "Joe"

3:58 -- Iridescence

9:33 -- Nalcomis

A transcript of Nalcomis' response from Vent "Here's my thinking, if I can chime in, as the guild leader. I don't give a #!#%. I would do that !%@* all #!#%ing day long. I will do it every day, all day, any pugger that's in my #!#%ing group, if any one of my guildies needs something that that pugger needs too, kick the pugger, guildie gets a summon. Sometimes, if it's a warlock pugger, I'll make the #!#%ing warlock summon the #!#%ing person replacing his ass without telling him. That's how #!#%ing ruthless I am. I don't give a !%@*. You can post that !%@* on the forums, I don't give a #!#%. #!#% it. Bye."

To those from other servers: Welcome to Maelstrom, and enjoy your Grade A Fresh Drama!


PS. <Subliminal> is recruiting.

PSS. A conversation with Juxtaposed:

[W From] [70:Juxtaposed]: I didn't know the officers of my ex-guild were that big of %*%#s. :S

[W From] [70:Juxtaposed]: I was just like, "Why is the guild dead tonight? Why did 5 people just leave?"

[W From] [70:Juxtaposed]: Then I checked the forums

[W From] [70:Juxtaposed]: And I was like "Oh %**%. I'm mentioned. =/"

[W To] [70:Juxtaposed]: So they didn't tell you what happened when they invited you?

[W From] [70:Juxtaposed]: I don't remember exactly what was said, but they told me to appreciate what they did

[W From] [70:Juxtaposed]: I found out a bit later by Epa randomly messaging me congratulating me on my new pants.

So not only are they subversive %*%#s to pugs, but to their own guild! Live and learn, huh?

A screenshot of Epa talking to Juxtaposed, and his apparent confusion at the situation:

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