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Name: Averill Duskvigil
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Rogue
Professions: Apothecary (Herbalism/Alchemy/Poisons)
Age: Adult; approaching middle age
Birthplace: Silvermoon City
Current Residence: The Undercity of Lordaeron
Specialization: Subtlety
Affiliation: Scout of the Hand of Malygos, pupil of the Assassins' League at Ravenholdt.


Averill, like most blood elves, is quite slender, and seems almost fragile at first glance, perhaps because she is also pale. Her features are pinched and tired, and (by elven standards at least) she is rather plain-looking. Her eyes glow a bit dimmer than most of her counterparts, and she almost always looks nervous. Averill has long black hair, which is almost always worn in a bun at the top of her head. She attempts to dress well, but will rarely disarm completely, even in polite company. On the road, her leathers are well-maintained if a bit dusty; in the city she will usually wear a dress uniform or a set of robes.


Averill is a somewhat withdrawn person, for all she attempts to cover it up with playful facade. Her manners of speech are usually quite formal - more so when she speaks Orcish, since she struggles with colloquialisms. For several years, Averill regarded her status as a rogue as being a point of shame, and still struggles with the change. She no longer wallows in her own memories, however, and has attempted to take pride in her work since Ravenholdt agreed to take her on. She distrusts warlocks innately, though she is more forgiving to the members of her race as well as the Forsaken. Ironically, she also has a fascination with the Forgotten Shadow, and with her own mortality as it compares to the Forsaken.
She has a strong sense of duty, and is very driven: if a task is put before her she will work tirelessly (and indeed somewhat ruthlessly) to complete it by whatever means are open to her.


House Duskvigil has always been known for its mages, even when it was counted among the Highborne. This tradition did not change before Averill's birth; after a very comfortable childhood within the walls of Silvermoon City, an adolescent Averill was groomed to become a mage and was apprenticed to Magister Ariston Runewalker. He was a harsh man, but not cruel, and seemed to develop a fatherly affection toward Averill later on in her apprenticeship, with her becoming quite fond of him as well. In the decades that she trained under him, he would occasionally employ the girl as his envoy or his courier, satiating the young high elf's wanderlust and allowing her to see parts of the world beyond Quel'Thalas.
During her apprenticeship, Averill was also arranged to be married to a man named Valendar Songblade, who served among the Spellbreakers guarding her city.
She had been in Dalaran attending to Runewalker's business when Arthas and the Scourge invaded her beloved home city, and was quick to return to Silvermoon along with Prince Kael'thas' retinue. Both of Averill's parents as well as her Master and her husband-to-be went to Lordaeron and joined the forces in Silverpine Forest. and then followed the prince to Outland. Averill remained behind to help rebuild Silvermoon and nurse her addiction. Since the sundering of the Sunwell, it seemed that the mage was cut off from the arcane powers she had once wielded with finesse. Even the most basic of spells was beyond her reach, and when word came back to Quel'Thalas that it was possible to tap into the mana of other living creatures, Averill embraced the practice readily - but to little avail.
Instead, she spent her days nursing the sick and wounded from the original attack on her homeland as well as the injured sent back from the front lines. Her parents' fate is unknown, as is her future husband's; her Magister at least made it to Outland, and that is the last that she had heard from any of them these five years.
Unable to cast spells any longer, Averill spent much of her time contemplating what she would now do - the Songblade family broke the arrangement after discovering the girl was no more a mage, so even if he still lived, Valendar was lost to her and would remain a stranger. After discovering she had a little skill with a bow, the ex-mage bid for entry among the Farstriders. She was unable, no matter how many enemies she tapped for their power, to retain a grasp on the most basic of energies the rangers used, and as a result her entry was denied. She still maintains a professional friendship with a few of the Rangers, and in exchange for a generous donation was declared an honorary initiate.
During this period of physical trials, the ex-mage caught the eye of a small thieves' guild, who offered their services in training to the woman. Deciding she could trust mortal thieves somewhat more than twisted demons (and afraid that her grasp on magic would be to tenuous to bend them to her will), Averill accepted their offer.
She still claims to number among the Farstriders, who remain oblivious to her skills as a "locksmith" and simply accept her as a swordswoman.
Averill has spent much of the past few months at the beck and call of her Ranger commanders as well as furthering the interests of several of Silvermoon's Magisters. She has made precious few friends, and one notable enemy.


Jordan Ford: A Forsaken warlock who Averill met at a story circle in the Undercity. They quickly became friends thereafter and Averill enjoyed showing him the latest places she'd stumbled upon and claimed as her own hideaway, and would often stay up late into the night discussing politics or theoretical alchemy.
Doctor Z. Ford: Jordan's elder brother, a Forsaken priest and disreputable figure. Most of Averill's dealings with him are of a business nature; he has technically hired her on as one of his agents and has given her command over a few of them.
Lazii: A blood elven rogue who was assigned to Averill as a guard and as a pupil by Doctor Ford. Averill finds her to be much too rash in her actions, but loyal enough.
Jessica: One of the Farstriders, Averill met her under curious circumstances: having stopped in for a quiet drink after the day's duties, Averill was shocked to hear her own name being spoken across the room by a stranger. Confronting the girl, it was revealed that both of them knew Jordan, and Averill joined her - and the man that was with her - at their table and soon forged a friendship with the younger woman.
Alekel Morningborne: A blood elven mage, one of Averill's newer friends, whom she met at the same time as Jessica. She had thought the quiet mage kind and trustworthy, even if he faltered in battle, and should have been very happy to have had him wear the Hand's colors alongside her, if it weren't for doubts cast by another member of her order.
Dezeras Trollbane: An elven paladin, Averill met Dezeras in the Bazaar one night while out with Lazii and Alekel. Charmed by his casual nature and his frequent costume changes, she was surprised to learn that they had an enemy in common as the group of them - Averill herself, Dezeras, Lazii, Alekel, and a sin'dorei woman who might be Alekel's lover - shared stories and drinks. Departing from the group, Averill told him the story of what had passed between her and Zaetious Netherwind, and Dezeras offered to act as her bodyguard, but made it very clear that he didn't trust Alekel, having heard his name in conjunction with Netherwind's before. Averill has recently taken him as her lover.
Zaetious Netherwind: A blood elven warlock and the only person Averill has ever truly hated. She met him while taking care of some business in the Royal Exchange, and thought the boy simply introverted and perhaps in need of some company, and was happy to share drinks with him in the Silvermoon Inn. As the evening went on, however, the elf became more withdrawn and Averill became ever more curious about what he wasn't telling her - and then he dragged her out of the inn and up Murder Row, cursing her to speak Demonic so none could understand her. He made it very clear that he wanted her soul and perhaps would take her body as well. Averill escaped by managing to stun him with a blow to the temple, and hid under Lordaeron for some time.
They met again outside the inn some time later where he once again advanced on her - having had a taste of her soul, he claimed he wouldn't be satisfied unless he finished what he'd started, and he then tried to kiss her. She bit him, instead, and drew blood - a fact which disgusts her almost as much as the man himself, but seems to have given her a ward that lets her know when he's near.
It was recently discovered that he keeps the company of a blood elven priest named Alek, who bears something of a resemblence to Averill's friend Alekel.
Kivorn and Rujia - Scouts of the Hand, who attacked Averill in the streets of Silvermoon. On revealing this to the Steward, both were stripped of their colors and suspended without pay for a month. Kivorn was also denied the protection of the Hand from the moment he left the room where his trial was held. Averill believes this may have been done to appease Dezeras, who had recently left their order, and in so doing, Mordread would basically wash his hands of whatever justice Dezeras might bring to the thieving troll. Rujia is now believed to be dead.

Adventures & Stories

At Sunset: The personal journals of Averill Duskvigil.
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Averill plays on HordeSteamwheedle Cartel US.

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