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Aerie Lowlands Edit

Aerie Lowlands is an idea for the title of a battleground that many WoW players suggest and wish existed. The Aerie Lowlands takes place in Hinterlands, where an assault battle between the Wildhammer Dwarves of Aerie Peak and the Revantusk Trolls of Revantusk Village is placed, both fighting brutally for dominion over the Hinterlands.

Region: Hinterlands

Required Base Level: 40

Alliance Entrance: Possibly somewhere in Aerie Peak?

Alliance Base: Wildhammer Keep

Horde Entrance: Possibly in cave near Revantusk Village

Horde Base: Oni'Watha

Basic Idea: Attempt to gain supplies by defending your faction's supply carts and raiding enemy supply carts, while fending off gigantic Gryphons/Spiders (Ally/Horde respectively)

Reputation: Alliance: Aerie Peak Horde: Revantusk Village

Objectives: There are 3 areas to gain supplies from: the Harvest Field, the Quel'Danil Dock, and the Revantusk Dock. (Note that there is a river that makes up most of the northern part of the BG) The two roles of a player are, as other BG's, defense and offense- to capture a supply area, two or more players of the same faction must stay near the current area's flag for 20 seconds. Once captured, unattackable NPC workers of the current faction (dwarves and trolls) will begin working, and a supply cart with 2,500 HP (sample idea) will be led at somewhat slow speed to the faction's base. Once reached, the cart will dissapear and the faction will gain */8 carts. The first team to gain 8 succesful carts wins. The carts may be attacked, but not stunned, feared, incapacitated or dazed. Though, if under attack, it will move slightly slower.

Un'goro Pinnacle Edit

Un'goro Pinnacle is an idea of Vaelkyrix's and possibly others', taking place in Un'goro Crater- this BG is based on a Horde/Alliance skirmish at Fire Plume Ridge and the Lakkari Tar Pits- released from underground caverns, Horde and Alliance must fight to control both halves of the Un'goro Pinnacle.

Region: Un'goro Crater

Required Base Level: 50(?)

Alliance Entrance: Alliance side of Marshal's Refuge

Alliance Base: None, but start place in alliance side cavern

Horde Entrance: Horde side of Marshal's Refuge

Horde Base: None, but start place in horde side cavern

Basic Idea: FIGHT TO THE DEATH!! Once 10 or more of one faction on Lakkari half or Fire Plume half with no opposing unstealthed players, that faction takes control. Control both halves for a minute, and win.

Reputation: ???

Objectives: Once 10 or more of one faction on Lakkari half or Fire Plume half with no opposing unstealthed players, that faction takes control. NOTE: Since objective is bloody lamb slaughter for mass control of only 2 areas, this might not actually be long enough for a battleground; possibly a world event.

Hunting Wood Edit

The battleground idea, Hunting Wood, is a Felwood assassination type of game. Like Alterac Valley, each team begins with a certain number of "reinforcements", or "Footmen". Once all footmen points on one team are depleted, the opposing team wins.

Region: Felwood

Required Base Level: 40 or 50?

Alliance Entrance: Emerald Sanctuary, Alliance

Alliance Base: ???

Horde Entrance: Emerald Sanctuary, Horde

Horde Base: ???

Basic Idea: Use the large forest bushes to become untrackable and less detectable in order to launch ambushes on opposing forces or furbolgs.

Reputation: ???

Objectives: Hunt down units of the opposing faction in bands or scout groups in Felwood, but beware of sometimes randomly spawning Felpaw Furbolgs; they will attack either faction.

Azshara Crater Edit

Azshara is one of the most underestimated and underused zones in Azeroth, along with Desolace and Badlands (apart from instances). Azshara also houses many special secrets, such as the dirt-filled Timbermaw Hold and the bays of the Old Gods. Azshara Crater would be based on a flag match, like Warsong Gulch, but a more diagnol, Arathi Basin-style map.

Region: Azshara

Required Base Level: 30

Alliance Entrance: Talrendis Point

Alliance Base: Kaeldorei Lodge

Horde Entrance: Valormok

Horde Base: Hall of Valor

Basic Idea: Capture 3 flags before the other team does.

Reputation: Alliance: Feathermoon Sentinels Horde: Render's League

Objectives: Capture 3 flags before the other team does; also watch out for Naga raids on your faction's base, and kill off as many local Naga as you can- they provide reputation.

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