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so im currently working on my new idea for an expansion pack for World of Warcraft. My basic idea is the start of The 4th War between the Burning Legion and the people of Azeroth in which we see Mal'Ganis return from the dead in the posessed body of Grand Admiral Barean Westwind - WOTLK - in my expansion idea Emporer Westwind at the head of his new order The Blood Empire which were once the Scarlet Crusade and the Scarlet Onslaught, and uses his new order to start off the next invasion of Azeroth using Humans against themselves. There will be new lands which if u got to the history section in Records of the Fourth War you can see where they come from and there new positions in the world of 'World of Warcraft'.

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Some specific hints for my idea.

being able to attack while you are on a ground Mount called Combat Mounts being able to use ure flying mounts in the Azeroth areas of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor possible new hero class my favorite ideas so far is the Blood Scout or Oath Taker [edit] You Can Help ToSo yh i think its a great idea and if you have any more ideas to add to this pls use the discussion for my page or any of the info pages i have added to Wowwikki as i call it.

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The Connection to the main package of expansions is The 4th War or for other peoples ideas go to Expansion ideas The 4th War - User:Tusior/The 4th War


Emporer Westwind - User:Tusior/Emporer Westwind

Blood Empire - User:Tusior/Blood Empire

Risen Circle - User:Tusior/Risen Circle

Ruins of Atra'Uru - User:Tusior/Ruins of Atra'Uru

Risen Marshes - Use:Tusior/Risen Marshes

Pyranovor Island - User:Tusior/Pyranovor Island

Undermine - User:Tusior/Undermine

Blood Scout - User:Tusior/Blood Scout

Grand Temple of Tarente - User:Tusior/Grand Temple of Tarente

Blood Plains - User:Tusior/Blood Plains

Tantiquiteen - User:Tusior/Tantiquiteen

Drakurin - User:Tusior/Drakurin

Aqua Troll - User:Tusior/Aqua Troll

The Sequenin - User:Tusior/The Sequenin

Combat Mounts - User:Tusior/Combat Mounts

Westwind Keep - User:Tusior/Westwind Keep

Sharske - User:Tusior/Sharske

Scarlet Hand - User:Tusior/Scarlet Hand

Cursed Citadel - User:Tusior/Halls of Exorcism

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