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About Me

Well, I have been playing WoW since Vanilla, but around Feb of '05, which is my birthday period. I started on a Gnome Mage through BC, but when Wrath hit, i swapped to my current Orc DK, Mareth. My mage(s) never broke 56, which is sad, but my DK now is an endgame raider with a GS of 5933. Thank God for progress. I own all of Blizzard's disk games, from WC1 all the way up through WoW: WotLK. Call me a nerd if you will, i don't care. I signed up for the Beta's of WoW Cata, SC2, and D3, but no luck as of yet. I also play Xbox 360, hate the PS3, and am indifferent to the Wii. I read a lot, and am the most knowledgable person i know about WoW or even SC, not including you nerds who are actually reading my page.I read a lot out of gaming, and have read probably close to one million books throughout my life. Some are repeats of course, but only when waiting on library holds.



I Have done them all. Only ones that I have incomplete is ICC10/25, ToGC10/25, Uld10/25, and Naxx25. I have The Undying (achievement) from Naxx10, but never bothered to finish 25man. Ulduar, I have 10man up to Mimiron, 25 man is around Hodir. 4/5 ToGC10, 0/5 ToGC25. Through Lich King (Icecrown Citadel tactics) on ICC10, and Festergut on 25man.

Random Trivia

  • I have played all of Blizzards games, including Lost Vikings, and love the Unit qoutes in the RTS ones.
  • I have taught my family things about WoW, including how to play end-game. I taught my dad how to raid at one point.
  • I have 2 Tank characters, 2DPS characters, and 1 Healer.
  • I'm playing in the Halo: Reach Beta. It f***ing rocks. It took all of Halo 3 and made it better. EDIT* - Beta is over, was the best Halo version that I have ever played. Can't wait unitl September!
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