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The human knight cries out as my blade tears through her abdomen. She crumbles to the ground while her clutching fingers try to keep her innards from spilling into the dirt. I stand over her and howl my fury as my blade sweeps high. It descends in a mighty arc that severs her head cleanly. I wrench the sword from where it has embedded in the ground and search the hillside for more attackers. I look to the young troll lying in a pool of blood. He is young and once held potential, but no longer. I salute his corpse for he had the courage to stand before the paladin and fight, even knowing that the battle was lost. I had seen this unfolding as I crested a hilltop and rode my dire wolf into a froth trying to arrive in time to help. But the young Darkspear had fallen before I could close the distance. I looked into the lifeless eyes of this paladin as they stared into the clear blue sky. "There can be no peace between us, human. The Burning Legion returns, but I will not fight as your ally. I will not even if it means my soul. My clan is dead because of your kind." I turned to face the sun and shouted, "I am Torgoch, last of the Bloodaxe! I raise the banner of the Red Hand! There shall be no quarter asked and none given! No mercy! No peace! Son of man, I come for you!"

The blade of this great axe is etched with strange green runes that twist with the curves of the blade. I heft it and appreciate it's balance. This is a fine weapon to stand against one's foes with. "Can joo make axe bettah?" asks the young Darkspear as he fidgets. I nod and tell him to be patient. I open my pack and withdraw three tightly bound leather bags. The cadences I mutter have a low, almost hypnotic rhythm as I measure out powders with a small bone spoon. My voices slowly builds in measure as I go further into the incantation and place a faintly glowing crystal upon the axe blade. The troll warrior watches with ever widening eyes as bluish energy begins to swirl around his axe. My truesilver enchanter's rod glows painfully bright as I sprinkle measures of powder onto the weapon. I began the final portion of the incantation in a voice that resonates off the walls of the stone cave. Arcane energies crackle down the length of my enchanter's rod and arc out towards the mighty war axe. There is a loud thunderclap and blinding flash of light that cause the troll warrior to stumble backwards and land heavily upon the floor of the cave. "Wha' happen'd?" he asks me warily. My mouth stretches into a toothy smile, "We are done." I heft his great war axe and present it to him. It's mighty blade glows with a bluish energy as he extends his hands to grasp it's haft. "When you strike a foe with this weapon, it will bite much deeper than before. That is, if it does shear completely through your foe!" I say with a cruel laugh. "I be tankin' ya, Torgoch." replies the young Darkspear as he drops gold coins into my palm. He hefts the axe and makes a few test swings. The blade whistles as it cleaves the air and the troll smiles. "Dis be much bettah!" he says. "Now go forth and teach the son of man to fear your name!" I growl with an intensity that grew to match my burning gaze.

I gazed over the carnage with a grim sense of satisfaction. The alliance had retreated into the town of Southshore and were arrayed into a defensive perimeter. The priests moved among our wounded and worked their healing arts, but many lay unmoving and locked in the poses of death. Our losses had been acceptable, however. Far more humans littered the ground than orcs. I glanced at a Kaldorei corpse as my wolf picked his way among our regrouping forces. His face no longer held the arrogant expression so common among them, now his face was still and lifeless. "Torgoch! One day I will kill you!" shouted a familiar voice. I wheeled my mount around to face Karraz, "But not today!" I grinned and called back to finish the traditional orcish greeting. "When do we attack the town? They are weakened and ripe for slaughter!" said Karraz, his scarred face pulled into a eager smile. "Soon," I replied simply, "Our priests heal those who could rejoin us." Karraz nodded, "But we must be swift, they send for reinforcement," He said pointing to a griffon raising from the town on great feathered wings. I watched the beast raise high and then wheel off across the lake, knowing the rider hoped to bring forces from Ironforge. I slid from my saddle and drew my swords, as I turned to face the warriors arrayed throughout the meadow. My chest swelled with pride as I surveyed the might of this raiding party. Eager, bloodthirsty eyes met mine from every direction. "Brothers and sisters, you have fought bravely on this day and many tales will be told of your prowess. Now is the time for us to end this battle. The time for us to show the hated men that we are no longer slaves! There is no peace with the alliance! There is no way we may live side by side on this world! We will raze this town and slay all within! Suffer none to live. Let no living human eyes gaze upon you when this battle is done! There are no civilians amongst the humans, only supporters of their crusades against our brethren and the young who will grow into warriors thirsting for your blood!" I turned back to Southshore, "For the Horde! Death to all who stand before us!" I heard the great warcry raise behind me as we swept forward to spill the blood of humanity.

I gazed upon the wretched refugees making their trek to supposed safety. Our reaving had driven them to seek the protection of the lands closer to Stormwind. There were perhaps forty of them. The elderly, mothers with babes, children, and the wounded. Their able bodied had sought to fight a delaying action against us. Now their corpses littered the fields of Hillsbrad. Those that surrendered had hoped to find mercy....

They had found only crucifixion and pain.

I looked to Karraz, "Should we allow them to move closer to an Alliance town? Defenders may come out to face us."

He shook his head slowly. "No, we should cut them down and take their heads," he said slowly, "We will place them upon stakes at the border of the Elwynn Forest. If that does not rally Stormwind to send troops to stalk us, I do not know what will."

I nodded in understanding. Karraz had been a raider for many years and his wisdom in such matters was without equal. I drew my blades and kicked my direwolf into a run. Our raiders fell upon these smallfolk with a vengeance. Within minutes the screaming and begging was over. We began the task of gathering heads and dumping them into a large burlap sacks. Once our grisly harvest was complete, we turned towards Elwynn to plant our seeds of outrage.

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