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I be tinkin' 'bout things, chieftain. Our old gods, de Loa, dat many o' us forgot 'bout since that bastard Zalazane drove us away from de Isles. Ya ever hear de myths? Dat dere be dose among us who could take de forms of de Loa's avatars? It be some very strange stuff to be tinkin' 'bout.

-Zalar Raptorspear, to Vol'jin

Zalar Raptorspear is a troll Shaman, ambassador of the Elements, Dragonsworn of the Red Dragonflight, and both an advisor and a warrior to the House of Whitehair.


Zalar was born at an undisclosed date before Warchief Thrall and the Horde arrived at the Broken Isles, though it is believed he was about five or six when the orcs arrived there by chance. Along with the other Darkspear Trolls, he went along with the Horde to Kalimdor, where they would eventually reunite with Thrall's "big brother", Grom Hellscream.

After the Third War, Zalar grew up on the Echo Isles along with the rest of his people, living a quiet life. Even when Daelin Proudmoore attacked, Zalar's life was calm and uneventful. Eventually, he would decide that he wanted to take up the mantle of the Shaman, and began training in the arts of Elemental combat. When it was decided that he was ready, Zalar was sent to the Valley of Trials, where he practiced his arts further.

The Shaman's Way: Power of Earth


Zalar meeting the Minor Manifestation of Earth

After some debate over whether or not he was ready, Zalar's teachers eventually decided that the time had come. Canaga Earthcaller tasked Zalar with journying to the evil cave in the Valley, and taking two felstalker hooves from the felstalkers inside. The young shaman eagerly defeated a few of the felstalkers, and returned to Canaga. Canaga then prepared an earth sapta for Zalar to drink.

After making the sapta, he told Zalar to find the Hidden Path, and that he should drink the sapta when he is ready. Easily finding the path (it was not so much "hidden" as it was "secret"), he reached the large stone and drank the sapta. He was greeted by a Minor Manifestation of Earth, who then gave the young shaman some rough quartz, which would be the heart of a totem Canaga would create for him when he returned.

Returning to Canaga, Zalar handed him the quartz as proof of his meeting with the Earth. Canaga smiled, saying that he knew Zalar was ready all along, and then created his totem for him. Canaga told Zalar that he had best head to Sen'jin Village however, as terrible events had befallen their people.

Liberating his People

Bidding farewell to the people of the Valley, Zalar traveled to Sen'jin Village. There, he learned that the witch doctor Zalazane had driven the trolls away from the Echo Isles, and had mind controlled all those who did not flee into becoming his minions. Outraged at this, he ignored the warnings of Master Gadrin, and swam to the Echo Isles, determined to put an end to the insane witch doctor's ways. Though he was hesitant to do so, the young shaman forced himself to slay the mind controlled trolls that attacked him.

Finding Zalazane, he entered combat with the witch doctor. The two had a lengthy battle, before eventually Zalar got the upperhand, and slew Zalazane. He took the witch doctor's head, and returned to Gadrin with his proof. Shocked by this, Gadrin told Zalar that the people of Sen'jin were in his debt. Some time after this however, Zalar far over-leapt his bounds...

Some months after having completing his Trials of Water, the young shaman was shocked to hear that, like others before him, he had been tricked by the witch doctor, and he had ended up bringing back the head of one of his hexxed bretheren. Knowing of Vol'jin's plans to launch an attempt to bring down Zalazane, Zalar called upon Deathlord Seekthreed's aid. The Death Knight agreed to aid Zalar and the Darkspears against the vile witch doctor when Vol'jin was ready to begin his plan.

Meeting Alexstrasza and the House of Whitehair

Zalar found himself hearing the anguished cries of the Elements at night while he slept. He could sense their pain; and knew that the cries came from Northrend. Gearing up to travel to the frozen north, he traveled to the zeppelin tower where The Mighty Wind was docked. After a few short days, the zeppelin arrived in Warsong Hold, the Horde's theatre of opperations in Northrend.

Zalar immediately began investigating the nearby areas, searching for the cause of the anguished cries of the Elements. However, he found himself entering combat with a magnataur, and was quickly over-powered. He ran from the man-beast for days on end; by the time the magnataur had finally stopped pursuit, the young shaman was in the middle of Dragonblight. Lost and cold, he wandered the Dragonblight, until at last he was found. A Red Dragon had been on patrol when he saw the near-dead shaman. The dragon flew down and beckoned Zalar to climb on top of his kneck. At first, he was somewhat confused, but he nonetheless jumped on the dragon. It then flew over to Wyrmrest Temple, where the young shaman was greeted by Alexstrasza the Dragonqueen.

The troll immediately bowed when he saw her; the Elements told him that she was a being of great wisdom and power, and that she should be respected. Alexstrasza, humbled by the troll's respect despite not knowing who she was, decided to take him in. She taught him the ways of the Red Dragon, while he in turn taught her about the Elements, and how they were linked to Nature and Life just as much as she was. During his time inside the Temple, he created a Fire totem, and honed his control over Fire. Alexstrasza helped him in this; she was a being who was connected to the Elements as well, and her position as a Red Dragon gave her some power over Fire. The Dragonqueen soon found a purpose for the young shaman, however.

Alexstrasza beckoned Ordeevas Portalseeker, a blood elf paladin and Patriarch of the House of Whitehair to come to Wyrmrest Temple to speak with her. She showed him Zalar, and recommended him as both an advisor and a warrior. Ordevaas was skeptical at first, due to Zalar being a troll and his "insanity" (though this was simply Ordevaas' misunderstanding of his trollish behaviour), but allowed the troll to become an agent of the House, seeing as how he was recommended by Alexstrasza. Afterwords, Zalar swore allegiance to the House of Whitehair, though he has become sligtly wary of the new House Head, Taeril'hane Ketiron and his time-traveling to make the House of Whitehair known for the slaying of Zul'jin.

The Flow of Water and the Mining of Dwarves


Zalar, charging into Bael Modan.

After the Massacre of Camp Taurajo, of which Seekthreed was a part of, Zalar decided to travel to The Barrens to aid the survivors of the slaughter, as well as undergo a series of trials in order to obtain his water totem. Zalar traveled from the ruins of Taurajo to the hut of Brine. She instructed that Zalar fill a waterskin with water from the small pool beneath her hut. When the troll retrieved the water, he was ambushed by a quilboar. He slew it, and then took the filled waterskin back to Brine. The other shaman commented that the quilboar's greed over the water was sad; a statement that Zalar disagreed with. He said that it was only natural for the pigmen to want to take ownership over some of the little fresh water that could be found in all of southern Barrens, and he also stated that he himself would likely lose himself to such "greed", if that was the only water he could find for miles. Regardless, Brine sent Zalar to the Eastern Kingdoms, to fill another waterskin with water from the well in Tarren Mill. He secretly suspected that the water was tainted, due to it's placement in the middle of a Forsaken town, but filled the skin anyways.

Returning to Brine, she tasked him with journying into Ashenvale and filling yet another waterskin with water from the Ruins of Stardust. Fighting his way through the root-monsters there, he filled the skin with the water from the fountain there, and then returned to Brine. The other shaman then instructed Zalar to find Islen Waterseer, and give her the Vial of Purest Water that she had prepared. Finding Islen along the coast near Ratchet, Zalar did as he was tasked and gave her the vial. Islen then told Zalar to return to the Eastern Kingdoms and drink the Water Sapta, before defeating the Corrupt Minor Manifestation of Water and taking his bracers, and putting them besides the remaining drops of Purest Water. Zalar traveled to the coast of Silverpine Forest, and drank the Sapta, before defeating the Manifestation. He put the bracers and the water next to eachother, and the Corrupt Manifestation was purified. He gave Zalar a Shard of Water, to prove that he had completed his task. Returning to Islen, he showed her the shard, and she in turn gave him his water totem.

After the trials, Zalar met a tauren by the name of Gann Stonespire along the road. Gann told him his story and about the dwarves of Bael Modan, and how the dwarves kept blowing away and destroying the Earth. Zalar focused, and he could once more hear the cries of the Earth, from Bael Modan. Gann said that the time for diplomacy had passed, and that it was now time for action. Zalar journied into the excavation sight, and began slaying the dwarves, before coming up against Prospector Khazgorm. The shaman took the dwarf's journal and scoffed when he read it; the journal said that their "search was of far greater importance than the comfort of the local inhabitants." Zalar thought this "search" was blasphemous and stupid, due to to it's upsetting of the Earth. He gave the book to Gann when he returned; the tauren then tasked the troll with obtaining Wood Pulp, nitroglycerin, and Sodium Nitrate from the dwarven footmen and riflemen, so that they could make their own dynamite. After getting all the items and returning to Gann, Zalar was instructed to destroy the flying machine at Bael Modan with the dynamite. Zalar took great pleasure in doing and this, and afterwards, he returned to Sen'jin. He was done, for the moment...


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