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"There are few who perplex me more than a man named Raphael Boren-- if that is truely his name. I am certain that he means well, but due to his occupation, lying has become such a frequent necessity that it has become a habit for him. What astounds me is that even in his situation, he seems to remain in a perpetual state of hopefullness. His life is so dark, so twisted, and yet he manages to smile throughout it all. If there was ever a question as to whichever one man was closest to perfection, my mind would likely drift towards Raphael."

- Ambassador Jaeden'laek, personal journal

Raphael Boren is, for someone in his line of work, an interestingly optimistic fellow from Gilneas. It has become an almost universally-known fact that nearly anything he says is a lie, a bad habit he has developed due to his position as a member of SI:7.

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