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Played Warcraft since Warcraft 1; love the lore and am a part of the Scrolls of Lore community.
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My main characters are:

Timolas Silverbow, Night Elven Hunter on the Draenor server. Daladun Hawkspear a Blood Elven Priest on the Defias Brotherhood server.

I love Highborne and Quel'Dorei, and as you may have noticed I'm annoyed at having them unplayable and Horde taking the Blood Elves. Therefore I made my Blood Elf Priest (Daladun) and RP with him as a high elf. I spy for Alliance guilds.

Favourite CharactersEdit

How can you argue with this guy's voice and lines? Not to foreget his striking armour and appearance.

Finally a hero that doesn't let the Horde step on people's toes.

A true Alliance hero.

The guy who tackled an army of Dragonspawn single handedly. Stormwind racial leader pre-Wrath. Deserves some respect for that.

Mysterious, human druidic wizard. Who knows what his real plans were?

Legacy of the Druids of Caer Darrow? Or a parody?

Lord of the Illidari blood elven demon hunters, truly awe inspiring.

Back in the day, the highest ranking high elven NPC in Azeroth, and even during Burning Crusade, one of the few high elves worth his salt, despite being a rare mob.

The great mastermind.

Grand Crusader Dathrohan indeed.

Release your rage!

For the Watchers!

The most powerful mortal warlock ever to exist will not be denied...

A Highborne warlock in the Shadow Council. Pretty cool if you ask me.

He's got an iron attitude and some pretty cool history back in the War of the Shifting Sands. Not every hero has to be a pansy.

A Burning Legion Lich. Woohoo.

Farmer, guard, captain, death knight.

The enigma; forgotten, or lying in wait?

Unsung traitor. The great agent of the Legion. Kil'jaeden's eyes and ears.

A voice and style unmatched.

Demonic elf guard captain with a certain grace.

Big, mean, badass. Opened the Dark Portal for the Burning Crusade. Archimonde's bitch.

Take this ye bastards!

Creepy, immortal legacy of the ancient times, feeding off of a huge, imprisoned demon. Keeper of secrets.

First Sunking of the Quel'Dorei. That's enough for me.

Gul'dan successor.

Back in the Frozen Throne anyway.

You cute, racist bastard, you.

Alliance fanatic high elf. Suits me fine.

Our Personal WarcraftEdit

In my own head; and that of some other comrades, we envision certain details in lore as if they were canon between us. We make Warcraft 3 maps and the like based off of events such as those in my good friend Kerrah's awesome fan fictions. Events surrounding Archmage Arugal and Gilneas unfold in the plenty.

The Forsaken have finally taken over Silverpine Forest. Or have they? While the walking dead turn to face Dalaran, the Worgen are freed from the control of Arugal and begin to search for a way to return to their home planet.

Lordaeron is in total war as The Lich King amasses an incredibly large army, enough to overwhelm the united powers of the mortal races. Meanwhile, a group of Scarlet Crusaders travels to Gilneas in hopes of activating a powerful magic that will allow them to rebuild their shattered order.

Just found that the guy who made the campaign is also on Wowwiki; behold, Aeleas.

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