The long, beautiful stretch of coastline that makes up Goldshore stands in stark contrast to the shadowy Nightmurk Hills to the south. A long, thin zone comprised of mostly coastline, Goldshore is bordered on three sides by sheer cliffs with the Forbidding Sea on the fourth. The zone does not share a physical border with the Nightmurk Hills but they are connected by a small series of underground chambers called the Flickering Dark. The zone has some small forest at the base of the cliffs but is comprised mostly of rolling sand dunes flowing into the ocean. Virtually uninhabited except for a few Murlocs and a handful of Troggs that have tunneled here from the Badlands and Loch Modan to the west, the Worgen have claimed Goldshore for their own as their numbers have continued to grow, straining the limited resources of the Nightmurk Hills. In the far north of the zone a treacherous path connects Goldshore to the Wetlands. Additionally, an outpost has been established in the north with a small zeppelin tower that services a mini-zeppelin that makes regular runs to the Forsaken town of Tarren Mill.

Getting there Edit

Horde 15Horde:A new mini-zeppelin runs between a tower in the far north of Goldshore and Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills.
Alliance 15Alliance:A long and winding footpath from the northeast corner of the Wetlands runs into Goldshore.

Geography Edit

The entire zone is a long stretch of coastline comprised of beach, rolling sand dunes, and some small scrub forest. Sheer cliffs line the zone to the west, and the Forbidding Sea lies to the east.

The Flickering Dark connects Goldshore to the Nightmurk Hills to the south.

Subregions Edit

Dun Kador Ruins • Endless Shores • The Mirage Dunes
Shimmering Stretch • Skyreach • The Tidal Shoals

Travel Hubs Edit

Horde 15 Skyreach

Adjacent regions Edit

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Wetlands Neutral 15 20-30 West Winding foot path
Loch Modan Alliance 15 10-20 West Inaccessible
Badlands Neutral 15 35-45 South Inaccessible
Nightmurk Hills Horde 15 10-12 South Through the Flickering Dark
Hillsbrad Foothills Neutral 15 20-30 North Via zeppelin


Wild creatures Edit

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