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General Info Edit


Harvesting of Souls

Name: Professor Thorell

Titles: Loremaster; Seeker; The Grim Librarian

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warlock

Guild: Skulldance Clan

Birthplace: Garren's Farmstead

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Physical Description Edit

Despite having the ageless visage of a Forsaken, Thorell died a young man. Still, undeath has bleached his long hair to white locks which accentuate his stern, hawkish nose. His thin frame from his youth remains intact and marks him as one who has never experienced the hardships of manual labor.

Biography Edit

Shortly before the Third War, Thorell was sent to join The Monastery of Lordaeron. Nonetheless, when his father sickened, he was briefly allowed to return home to be with the family in his last days. It was not long after that the boy's family was found murdered. Thorell was implicated and sentenced to death for the crime. However, the Plague of Undeath laid claim to Thorell's life before the authorities were able to do so.

Now Forsaken, Thorell has abandoned the teaching of the church and follows the fel path of the warlock. He allied himself with orc warlock Vashari, chieftain of the Skulldance Clan to seek greater power and training. However, since the Clan's overthrow of his mentor, he has kept a low profile, returning to his calling as a scribe and librarian, having gained employment with the Grand Library of Lordaeron. There he works in the aquisition of new texts in an attempt to restore the collection to its former glory, yet at the same time conducting research under his own motive.

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