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Introduction to Thisiana ThaoninEdit

Xenthai, Swordmaster of our Company, and Thisiana, Lady of Pain, both woke, bodies wracked in agony, their souls ripped out only to be thrown back into the dismantled and decayed bodies that did ill justice to the bodies of the humans they once were. Thisiana, an assassin and seductress by trade, and Xenthai, a warrior and combatant trainer, now awoke as a hideous mockery of a life they would never again have. The only blessing was that the brother and sister had been cursed and arose, together.

It took many months for Thisiana to overcome her curse, a woman who took great pride in her beauty and used it as her most effective tool of her trade. To this day, when the foulness of her condition is brought up, she will shut down, finding only temporary and shallow relief in the effects of the Deviate Fish.

The Company of Sword was formed only shortly after they entered their new lives, with others they had found lost venturing the wilds. She now finds her solstice in her comrades within the Sword, as they are her family now and she will devote all she has into protecting and caring for them.

She is a skilled enchantress, not only in charismatic charms, but also within the official profession, her recipes include but are not limited to;

Weapons & Shields Enchants

  • Crusader
  • Unholy
  • Icy
  • Fiery
  • +15 Strength
  • +20 Spirit
  • 2% Block to Shield
  • +7 Stamina to Shield
  • +9 Spirit to Shield

Armor Enchants


  • Firepower to Gloves
  • +15 Agility to Gloves
  • Riding Skill
  • +7 Strength


  • Mana Regen
  • +24 Healing Power
  • Greater Intellect


  • Greater Resist (+5 to All Resists)
  • Greater Fire Resist (+15 Fire Resist)
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