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General Information Edit

Name: Lyssiah Stormwhisper
Lyssiah 01

Lyssiah Stormwhisper

Race: Human

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Age: 26

Class: Paladin

Level: 51

Professions: Alchemy and Herbalism

Guild: Shadowgate Sentinels

Lyssiah's Story Edit

A storm rolled over the Arathi Empire. It passed over Stromgarde Keep before passing to the east, over a little town near the coast called Southshore, nestled in the Hillsbrad Foothills. There, a young botanist laid in labor, sweating and breathing in a small room lit only by a few candles. She clutched her husband's hand, a young man with dark brown hair and curious eyes. The midwife cooed softly to the soon-to-be mother, whispering words of comfort and encouragement. As the storm passed over the town, and the rumblings of thunder could be heard heading towards Lordaeron, the couple's first child was born, a girl. They named her Lyssiah and nicknamed her Stormwhisper, because her birth occured on the tail of the storm's passing.

Lyssiah spent a typical childhood in Southshore, playing along the coast, and learning a love for flowers and plants from her mother. She had her father's hair, short and dark, and her mothers beautiful blue eyes. Soon, as children do, she grew up, and was called to server Gyran Stoutmantle, the head of the Westfall Militia. Eventually, word of the Defias Brotherhood's criminal actions reached the militia's ears, and Gyran sent a party to enter their hideout inside the Deadmines and eliminate their ringleader, Edwin Van Cleef. The group faced off with the rogue and his bodyguards, and as Lyssiah struck home with her blade, planting it firmly in the bowels of the Defias leader, he slid his dagger through her ribs, and pierced her heart. Lyssiah died that day, deep in the mines, her comrades unable to do anything for her.

She found herself in a bright place, light seemingly coming from every direction. A being spoke to her, it's outline hard to make out in the abundance of light, and its voice was distant. It told her that she was not finished on Azeroth. She had to return. She was to choose the slain. The creature motioned in her direction and said "Arise, Valkyrie."

Lyssiah found herself in the city of Stormwind. As she walked passed a mirror in the inn, she started, not recognizing the face that stared back at her. Her hair was long, and red, and her blue eyes were now a piercing green. Her body, which had been strong but also showed her appreciation of home cooking, was lean and slender. She cried that night, sitting in the bed in the inn, distraut. Talking with the people of the town, she discovered that two years had passed since that day in the mines. Times had changed. The new horde had raided Southshore a year earlier, and her parents were now dead. Most of her friends were dead, except for Darla Harris, who had grown up to be the flight master in Southshore. Unfortunately, Darla no longer reckognized the face that Lyssih possessed.

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