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Charater Information

Name: Geoffory Newcastle

Geoffory, berk and tout for hire.

Class: Rogue

Race: Forsaken

Level: 80

Specialization: Assassination

Trade Skills: Skinning and Leatherworking

Guild: Ordo Draconis - Currently a Council Elder


Geoffory awoke like every other Forsaken, in a grave. The fact that he was skin and bone and atrophied flesh didn't deter him any, though. He set out on his mission in life, to make some coin. He traveled through Brill and the Undercity, picking up odd jobs from other Forsaken, but not finding the kind of money he truly desired, and finding his skills hopelessly underused. He did some work assasinating low level captains of the Scarlet Crusade before moving on. He traveled to Silvermoon City, where he was immediately villified by the young Blood Elves wandering the city, calling him 'Scourge' and 'Disease Carrier'. Travelling through the Dead Scar, he came to Tranquillien, where he found the community of Forsaken and Blood Elves welcoming, and the atmosphere of the Ghostlands to his liking. Soon thereafter, he was contracted by the organization, The Brutal Regime, as a mercenary, and has since been promoted to the status of 'Liege' the closest he will come to nobility.

About Geoff (OOC)

Geoffory is inspired, in part, by the game Planescape:Torment, most directly, the character Morte. He speaks 'the chant' which is a combination of British slang and rhyming slang. I imagine him to be very self-serving, he is in it for the money. He doesn't distinguish between Alliance or Horde, money is money, and even know who Sylvannus was until sent to her on a quest. He will work for anyone until it stops suiting his best interest, then he'll stab you in the back. He also enjoys sneaking around cities stealthed and randomly appearing in front of people when they least expect it.

Some of Geoff's slang

Provided as translations for people he RPs with

  • Sod - Idiot, moron, dumbass; this context usually means the person he is talking about is in a pitiable state
  • Berk - Same as above, but without the pity. (Rhyming slang: Berk is short of Burkley Hunt, hunt rhymes with 'cunt')
  • Basher - General term for an adventurer
  • Cutter - term for an adventurer who has shown some skill, a slight compliment
  • Blood - a person of great skill
  • Duckie, Luv, and Guv - Geoff's terms of endearment, used with people he is familiar with
  • Greybeard - An arcanist (From the imagery of wizards of old)
  • Jink - money
  • Bone box - a person's mouth
  • Addle coved - confused, usually describing a person
  • Barney - Trouble (Rhyming slang: Barney Rubble, rhymes with trouble)
  • Deader - A dead person, alternatively, a Forsaken or a Scourge
  • 'Penned in the Dead Book' - killed someone
  • 'Gave 'em the Laugh' - eluded capture
  • Barmy - crazy
  • 'Bar That' - Shut up, mostly used as a warning (i.e. 'Bar That, the walls have ears')
  • Kip - Place where a cutter sleeps
  • Bub - Normally alcohol, but it can be anything addictiong, including drugs and sex
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