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A little (Ha!) about me: I pride myself on being knowledgable on almost all topics of Warcraft lore, but still somehow maintain an actual life as well :) Also, my wiki skill are, as of yet, lacking.

While I have been a fan of the Warcraft series since its inception in 1994, I just caved in and bought WoW in July 2006. I'm currently playing on the Anvilmar server and attempting to get an Rp-ing storyline with two characters on the Sisters of Elune server.

I have trouble getting into the newer games because I seem to lack a connection to the characters. While the characters are well written, For some reason Lothar to me still embodies the greatest amount of Heroism; Khadgar is the pinnacle of sacrifice (twice). Only Thrall comes close to touching my favorites from the past.

Favorite Game: Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal

Favorite Book: The Last Guardian

Favorite Characters: Medivh, Lothar, Garona, Khadgar, and Thrall

Favorite Quote: "Khadgar grabbed the older man by the hand and said, 'The Master has gone mad.' 'More than usual?' replied Moroes." -taken from The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb.

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