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"Do you know where you are, fool? This is ogre land. Before orc, before draenei, there was ogre."Lantresor of the Blade

A History of Ogres

Mogor the Ogre TCG

Mogor, a powerful Ogre residing in Outland

Originally from Draenor, ogres were one of the last races of Draenor's giants. Some orc scholars believe the ogres were once intelligent and the dominant species of Draenor before the orcs rose to power. Orcs and ogres were enemies for generations until the rise of the horde. The warlock Gul'dan decided the orcs required the brute strength of the ogres in their war against the draenei. The ogres joined the horde in exchange for freedom from the tyranny of the Gronn and for providing food and weapons. Any ogres who stayed loyal to the gronn were ruthlessly conquered. Soon the ogres were broken, the race either forced into exile or enslaved and used in experiments.

The ogres were brought through the Portal after the First War to act as enforcers in an effort to quell needless infighting between the Orc clans. The ogres were subjected to experiments by the warlock Gul'dan using the stolen runestones of Quel'thalas in an effort to produce new spellcasters for the horde to replace the fallen necrolytes and warlocks. Gul'dan's work bore fruit and lead to the creation of the ogre-magi. This new generation of ogres were two headed, an extreme rarity among ogres before this, more intelligent and more magically gifted than normal ogres and were used to devastating effect on the alliance.

Following the defeat of the Horde the ogres left the orcs to their fate and spread out across Azeroth, some managed to travel to all the way to Kalimdor and founded mounds there. The ogres played no part in the defeat of the Burning Legion during the Third War, however, during Admiral Proudmoore's invasion of the new orcish kingdom of Durotar one tribe of ogres, the Stonemaul clan, did rejoin the horde under their leader Rexxar who overthrew the previous chieftain Kor'gall.

Chieftain Tharg

Following Overlord Mok'Morokk's defeat at the hands of Horde adventurers, Tharg became the new chieftain of the Stonemaul clan, though most desired Rexxar instead. Shortly after, the Stonemaul's reclaimed their old ruins and rebuilt a new city from it's ashes: Stonemaul Fortress.

The Horde, honoring the Stonemaul Clans efforts, gave them a district of dwelling within the great Orcish city of Orgrimmar and recognized Tharg as one of the main leaders of the Horde, making him the seventh. With this newfound recognition, the Horde sent the Kor'kron Guard down into Dustwallow Marsh in order to secure the lands for the Ogres and protect it from the defiant Theramore.

Level 1 - 12 Starting Zone: Dustwallow Marsh

  • Starting Zone: Dustwallow Marsh, levels 1 - 12.
  • Dustwallow Marsh isn't the original marsh, but a heavily phased version instead.
  • The overarching plots within the starting zone are the problems faced with Theramore, the integration into the Horde's armies and the lack of trust the Stonemaul clan has for Tharg.
  • Some classic humorous quests within the starting zone include participating in a mud flinging contest and attempting to ambush caravans in a "not-so-subtle" manner.
  • Upon completing the zone and reaching level 12, a Goblin rocket takes the Ogre player to Orgrimmar, where they can then choose to level in either Northern Barrens or Azshara.

Racial Traits & Abilities

Big Boned Body

Inv chest plate 25 Items take 15% less durability loss when you die or take damage.

Powerful Belch

Spell fire felflamebreath You belch loudly, knocking the target back 10 yards. 2 min cooldown. 5 yd range.

A Mind Of Mutton

Inv misc organ 03 When you become charmed, feared or put to sleep, the duration of their effects are always reduced by 2 secs.

Frantic Impact

Inv mace 69 When activated, your next melee, ranged or spell attack deals 10% more damage. 3 min cooldown.


Inv jewelcrafting dragonseye01 Increases your mining skill by 10 and allows you to mine 0.5 seconds faster.

Dunemaul Ogre Mage

A two-headed Ogre Mage

Two-headed Ogres: How They Work


Luckily, you won't have to worry about this

When you are creating your Ogre character, there will be options in the creation screen menu where you can choose to have one or two heads. If you wish to have two heads, you can customize both, but the second head will always have a single eye.

Also, two-heads does not indicate the fact that two people control the Ogre. One player simply controls the Ogre avatar, but the second head doesn't remain lifeless either. The second head will make random comments (as infrequent as possible as to not disturb or annoy people with inane jabber) and there will be an option in your menu to toggle it on or off if it does begin to bother you.

If your're a Shaman, Mage or Warlock, your second head makes intelligent remarks or even brings up debates. On the other hand, if your're a Warrior, Hunter, Rogue or Death Knight, your second head acts like an imbecile as one would expect with an Ogre.

Some of the smarter things the second head may say are:

  1. "Goodness, why are you wasting our time?"
  2. "Leader of the Horde. Hah! My vote for Warchief is Vol'jin."
  3. "<name>, You smell absolutely atrocious!"

Some of the dumber things the second head may say are:

  1. "Let go. This place scare me!"
  2. "Uh... what you say?"
  3. "Stop!"
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