Hi, I'm the Chilli God. But you can call me Chilli... Or Chili or Chile or Chilly or however you spell the word, makes no difference. I'm a New Zealander who likes to design and roleplay, through either WoW or D&D, when I'm not studying. Of course. <.< >.>

I've always seen WoWWiki as the first source of information to go to, if for no other reason than it has external links to all the other WoW databases as well as easy-to-find information on lore or gametips. So I'd like to give a bit back, even if just the simple things like adding item sources or updating mob or quest pages.


Status Realm Faction Name Gender Race Class Level Profession / Profession Guild Mount
Active Moon Guard US Alliance 15 Keldar M Gnome
IconSmall Gnome Male
IconSmall Rogue
70 Leatherworker / Skinner Argent Inquisition Swift Green Gryphon, Swift Green Mechanostrider
Inactive Cenarion Circle US Alliance 15 Yla M Draenei
IconSmall Draenei Male
IconSmall Shaman
42 None / None The Playgrounders Brown Elekk
Active Feathermoon US Alliance 15 Tsunix M Dwarf
IconSmall Dwarf Male
IconSmall Warrior
26 Miner / Jewelcrafter Buccaneers of Doom None
Active Moon Guard US Alliance 15 Senthos M Human
IconSmall Human Male
IconSmall Warlock
22 None / None None None
Inactive Feathermoon US Horde 15 MURK M Orc
IconSmall Orc Male
IconSmall Warrior
12 None / None None None
Inactive Feathermoon US Alliance 15 Cynîs M Night Elf
IconSmall Night Elf Male
IconSmall Druid
10 None / None None None

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