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Game informationEdit

Stixel is on the Steamwheedle Cartel Realm, and is a gnome mage.


Post Third War, Pre-WoWEdit

The Venture Trading CompanyEdit

Stixel Cogwhistle was once the great, personal chef of Mogul Razdunk on the island of Kezan, in the goblin city of Undermine. Being the great racist he is, the moment a goblin chef that could rival Stixel's ability was found, Stixel was instantly demoted. Forced to work as a hedge mage among the Venture Co.'s lumber mill in the Stonetalon Mountains, Stixel plotted his revenge upon the company--and its horrible leader.


Stixel perfected his most famous creation in those sad days in Stonetalon. He grew a cabbage patch with Corrin, his familiar, and made plans. In the middle of the day, during the brief lunch break, Stixel spoke words of a spell of his own creation upon his cabbage. The cabbage grew twice in size, their centers growing long canine teeth, and a thirst for blood. Stixel immediatly directed them towards the Venture Co. workers, and a bloody massacre occurred. None survived.

World of Warcraft: ClassicEdit

Return to KezanEdit

Stixel vanished from the Venture Co. untill he reappeared on Kezan, spotted by goblin traders. Immediatly, all guard was doubled around the Venture Co. Trade Prince, Mogul Razdunk. Stixel managed to sneak in with the aid of his familiar, and set Belladonna leaves into Mogul's food one night. The Trade Prince's newly appointed food-testers died, stricken of Nightshayde fever. Stixel was caught, and fled Kezan.

To GnomereganEdit

The Culinary Mage returned home, to find the city in evacuated and infested with Troggs. He immediatly brought forth his food-golems, attacking the trogg menace. He was defeated by sheer odds--and his cabbage's stupidity. He then traveled across Dun Morogh to Ironforge, and lived amongs the walls of Tinker Town for the time being.

World of Warcraft: The Burning CrusadeEdit

Return to the Venture CompanyEdit

To be written later.

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