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Game Information

Alekas Er'ando is labeled "Alek" as his character name. He is currently on the realm Steamwheedle Cartel, and is a level 80 Blood elf priest. The creator of Alekas Er'ando is TheAdamant.



Pre-Third War

Born to two common High Elf parents, Alek was the third son of the two. His older brothers, Rosand & Khorinandrin, were significantly older, and only spent a couple years with Alek before leaving for their own reasons. Alek was left as an only child for most of his childhood. Alek was to be apprenticed at age ten to a quel'dorei priest, but it was cut short only seven years into it due to the attack on Silvermoon by Arthas Menethil and the Scourge.

Third War

Alek survived the destruction of Silvermoon, but his parents did not. They died to the undead Scourge. However, both Rosand and Khorinandrin were not present in Quel'thalas at the time.

War Aftermath

Alek, not even an adult yet, set off on his own at the retaking of Silvermoon and the end of the Third War. He returned to the priesthood, though it was changed drastically soon after when M'uru was sent by Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider. The Order of the Blood Knights was founded then, and the priests were overseen by the light-ursurping knights.


He's a nervous and timid person. In the company of others, he's often quiet and shy, avoiding most (if not all) speaking. Alek is a bookworm, and more commonly found reading than socializing.

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