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Sizz'lorr Deh'yo accompanied by Tak'zar on the shores of Tanaris.


I've been playing World of Warcraft (EU) since official day one, and some on the open beta. When the real game was released, I started a priest and has been playing priests ever since, but also some other caster classes. I'm a tad of a perfectionist, and registered at wowwiki when I started to get annoyed by all the misinformation, or lacking of information, which was the main reason I stopped reading comments on sites like allakhazam.

Now, here on wowwiki, my main contributions will exist of changing misinformation regarding the 60-70 Factions mainly, as I do love some reputation grinding, and spend more time on that than leveling my characters to level 70.

My characters are widely spread on english servers, but mostly I stay on The venture Co., as I prefer the RP setting over the general attitude on many of the PVE and PVP servers. There I was the first troll on a kodo, and for quite a while kept a blog going on. Running raid content never was a primary goal, but rather personal goals like getting several factions to exalted, gaining all alchemy recipes and being able to ride all mounts, has been primary goals.


Character Guild Server Spec Base Stats Skills
APB Stat Health APB Stat Mana APB Stat Strength APB Stat Agility APB Stat Stamina APB Stat Intellect APB Stat Spirit APB Stat Armor Professions APB Skill Cooking APB Skill First Aid APB Skill Fishing APB Skill Riding
IconSmall Troll MaleUi-charactercreate-classes priest Sizzlorr 70 The Venture Co EU APB Priest Shadow Magic 14/0/47 7341 9510 54 61 413 478 221 1665 APB Skill Alchemy 375 APB Skill Herbalism 375     321 300
IconSmall BloodElf2 FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes mage Siinah 46 Masquerade The Venture Co EU APB Mage Frost 0/0/37 1893 3549 24 32 126 190 133 424 APB Skill Herbalism 170 APB Skill Tailoring 183 255 86 135 75
IconSmall BloodElf2 FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes priest Iinileh 40 Till Death do us Unite The Venture Co EU APB Paladin Holy 0/31/0 1117 3091 26 33 66 164 144 324 APB Skill Jewelcrafting 112 APB Skill Mining 147   245   75
IconSmall Gnome MaleUi-charactercreate-classes mage Gir 33 Plunder Club Ravenholdt EU APB Stat Intellect 24/0/0 887 2496 19 32 61 139 97 297 APB Skill Alchemy 121 APB Skill Engineering 192     1  
IconSmall Undead FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes warlock Jenicia 20 Tavern of Lost Souls The Venture Co EU None 0/0/0 414 853 25 28 39 50 49 341 APB Skill Enchanting 30 APB Skill Tailoring 84   1    
IconSmall Troll FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes priest Sonshi 60 Talnivarr EU APB Priest Discipline 46/5/0 3507 5298 46 47 229 248 305 802 APB Skill Enchanting 211 APB Skill Tailoring 240 1 71 12 75


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  • Correcting misinformation and making content more wiki-like (and less written in "I did this.. I think.. I found out..")
  • Fixing links, appearance and information on the various Faction pages.
  • Updating boss loot pages to use {{lootbox}} instead of just listing items, to make it easier to overview.
  • Fix tooltip possabilities for all set pages, meaning:
    • Adding tooltip <onlyinclude> parts on all set pages.
    • Fixing tooltip set= on all set items.
  • Creating (e.g. writing from scratch) power leveling guides for horde low-level areas.

Lootbox Progress

Finished Power Leveling Guides

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