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Tarantules Edit

Level 70 Warlock, Steamwheel Cartel (RP US)

OOC Info Edit

As a former member of Martyrs Blood, Tarantules shines in his sparking personality, his love of life and his what the french call; "I don't know what." Tarantules is a transfer, (que the hate) from the Scarlett Crusade (RP) server. Having started playing, and suffering, in FFXI (as a lvl 60 Red Mage) He was finally convinced to switch to WoW. A long time fan of the Warcraft series (Not to mention Starcraft, and Diablo) Tarantules had been avoiding this game for fear of it's addictive properties (and he was right to fear them) . The plan was to quitely gain levels and keep his head down. For 30 levels he barely spoke a word to anyone. Pre-Battle Grounds Tarren Mill was a bloody place and it's where he got his first taste of PvP, and his first offer to join a guild that he actually considered. Ravenwhite, Guild Master of The Brand of Sacrifice, extended his hand and Tarantules took it slowly with the warning that he would be a quiet one. 20 levels later and a few weeks of total quiteness ended and it's been nonstop verbal assualt on the ears of anyone brave enough to enter the BoS' Ventrilo Server. After hitting 60 the usual pre-end game instances where hit. Scholomance, about a billion times for Jandice, Stratholme, Upper Blackrock Spire.

IC Info Edit

Before the scourging of the human lands, little was know of Tarantules. Perhaps a warlock in life, perhaps not Tarantules doesn't speak of it. The only thing he will admit to is that he was found washed up on the shores of the trisfal glades his gnarled fingers holding onto what was left of a ship. Swearing his life to the Banshee Queen, Tarantules has been ever faithful to her cause of coldhearted portection of her peoples. To strike down a Forsaken is to be marked for death.

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