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World PvP

War Parties

The basics In much the same way as you can form a raid, once you have five people, you can form a Warparty. By being in this party you will offer yourself as a PvP target, and be allowed to claim the rewards from other such PvP targets. Besides enemy Warparties, other targets will include Faction leaders, Settlements and World Arenas. PvPers will be able to advertise and entice PvP, and the other targets can get the ball rolling.

The leader of a Warparty will recieve a banner, akin to the WSG one apon thier backs, aswell as an item, the Warchest.

  • The banner appears on the maps for both sides, showing the name and guild of the player, their campaign history(Banners taken/lost for example) the amount of people in his group and the amount of money he has raised for his war effort. If it is dropped then the enemy must take and hold it (ala AB flag) whereas an ally can retrieve it quickly(ala WSG).
  • The Warchest is carried by the leader. Upon the creation or joining of the Warparty, members must contribute to the chest, to stake their claim in any loot the party may aquire. If the banner is successfully captured by an enemy, then the warchest is immediately looted, its gold divided up amongst the victors.

Joining a group

Looting a flag

  • To loot an enemy banner, your banner must be in proximity of the enemy's banner when it is 1st dropped on the ground.


1. Joining just before loot is captured, and making large amounts of gold, with little risk. 2.CCing enemy leaders until your leader arrives from far away- antithesis to the ideal of flag vs flag, and the risk/reward advertising. 3.Shadowers- players that are not declared on the flag, but still accompany war-parties. 4.Shared loot between different war parties vs marked pvp targets. 5.Level specific reward. 6.Level of detail on flag.

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