• Rogues only, repeated style of quest at different levels.

Sneak into hostile PVP area, assassinate one of many random, level specific NPCs.

/wait 20 seconds - sound alarm - defense channel says where murder occured, offers bounty for other side players if they catch hostile rogue.

After kill, quest assigns random spot of hostile PVP area (so enemies can't camp there) as "extraction point" get to extraction point use item "smoke" (/pop smoke) for friendly flight extraction in 15 seconds.

I think this would actually be fun for both sides, and would make some sense to give rogues something cool to do.

Easycompany, post 33(http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=174828401&sid=1&pageNo=2)

  • This quest idea is for a world event opening of Northrend its a world event so it occurs once it is a series of events.

When expansion is opened the travel route to Northrend will be from boat from the goblin capital Undermine to the Neutral town of Valgarde in the Howling Fjord in Northrend.

Starting when the expansion is released there is a Commander elite (name) spawns in Valguarde that is a elite (based on the lvls there if the lvl cap increases). From that commander every 1 min a spawn of around 10 Horde/Alliance NPCs spawn and move towards the Scourge fortification with a NPC Scourge boss (name) elite that is equivilant to a raid boss for this event. The Scourge forces will spawn every minute a group of around 30 nonelites and 5 elites that move towards Valgarde, every 10 minutes a Elite mini boss will spawn and attack when killed drops a random blue. In the background there are Naval Alliance and Horde Battleships along the shoreline shelling the beachead while Scourge towers are firing down at the Alliance and Horde.

Objective: Kill the Scourge commander and establish a beachead, event ends when he is killed, if the Horde and Alliance fail and their commander is killed, Valgarde is overrun and they lose the beachead and Northrend will be closed for another week until the next attempt.

Event Quests: (I didnt make special names for them cos im too lazy)

Nullfiy Scourge-Destroy the Scourge and bring 30 marks of the Scourge, rewards: 10g and special Tabard

Commander Elimination-Eliminate the Scourge commander, rewards: 50g, plus boss also drops a special item, this is given to all players in Northrend once the boss is dead (with exception of the epic of course), he will take more than one full raid to kill.

Sabotage-Place bombs at the Scourge towers so they stop firing at the naval ships and players making it easier to retaliate, rewards 5g (it deals some amount of dmg to the towers but not repeatable, so other players must keep doing this until the towers are gone)

Cavalry Charge(only applys after the Sabotage quest is done)-With the towers gone the players have a beachhead and will disable several Scourge positions, A army of 10 mounted ally, horde NPCs spawn and you have to assist them to kill several of the lieutenants of the Scourge, once all scourge lieutenants die, all spawning scourge forces stop spawning. Rewards 25g, all lieutenants also drop blues. There are 10 lieutenants, not repeatable quest so other players have to keep doing to finish, it is a raid 10 man quest)

Air bombing-fly over the Scourge base and bomb their defense cannons firing on the players below. (this is a repeatable quest and the cannons have LOTS of hp so it will take several hours to destroy), rewards 2g per bombing run.

Note: It is almost impossible to kill the Scourge commander without successfully taking out his lieutanants and towers, also these quests, some are not repeatable but are required for other people to keep doing them to succeed, so other players must do the quests to disable them so its a server effort.

Cybilenera, post 50 (http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=174828401&sid=1&pageNo=3)

It would be a Headhunting quest. The quest giver would give you the name of a player of the opposite faction and a tracking device. Every 5 minutes, you could use the tracking device to pinpoint the exact location of your prey. You must kill this player and your time frame is unlimited.

- The player's name the quest giver gives you is someone of equal level, similar gear and currently logged on. - You can abandon quest and get it again. This prevents you from being stuck with someone who never logs on or leaves cities. You can only do this once every hour (or maybe per day). - I could see this as being a weekly quest - Reward should be 1000 honor and 15 gold. - You must do at least 50% of the damage to the player - I could conceive of a warning to the prey every time the questor uses the tracking device

Vandor, post 56

Do you want another example, Drysc? Lets take instance lockouts.

You already associate lockout data with a toon. Just change it to a per-boss loot lockout. All you need to do is add a freaking bitmap to the lockout data indicating which bosses were downed by that toon, and simply do not allow that toon to receive loot from those bosses until the instance resets.

-Burns http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=4665558318&sid=1&pageNo=12

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