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A page to collect and develop ideas to improve AV.


  1. Revitalise AV into the epic battle it was intended to be.
  2. Ensure when played correctly the BG provides competitive rewards in comparison to the other BGs.
  3. Deal with the issue of lacking player contribution.

Epic Battle AV was once a huge struggle, not the race it is today. Flaws within the design and various patches became apparent overtime, due to unanticipated/addressed player psychology.

Competitive reward Half of the problem with AV is its interaction with the Honor system- long games do not provide incentive, short games do. This encourages a calculating approach to the BG by a significant amount of the playerbase, ruining the experience of the BG itself. This must be addressed in any future version of a full AV.

AFKers The deciding factor in most AV games is the amount of players who are actually attempting to win. All other factors of balance become trivial, if one force is twice as large as the other. Conversly, larger, equal numbers of players helps adddress any imbalance in the map.



Turn-in CounterEdit

Kept on the map screen perhaps. So that everyone in the force will know how far they are from achieving an NPC reinforcement- helps organise that side of the BG.


Graveyard changesEdit

  • all guards must be dead for a flag to finish turning to a full colour

Supply ChainsEdit

  • Chains are constucted from the base through to the opponents base, along the initial GYs.
  • GY flags have 3 levels of vulnerability-open,guarded and safe.
  • Open- can be flipped to your side's colour. Requires the next chained GY to be controlled by you.
  • Guarded- can be turned white. 2nd GY from a controlled GY
    • if taken these flags remain in conflict and the GY lies dormant. Must be tagged again to exert full control once more.
  • Safe- 3rd GY from controlled GY. Can't be touched by opponents.
  • SF acts differently: You can take SF at any time. If you control SF you can then place either/both SH and IB into conflict. SF cannot be used to constuct a chain any further however.
  • If a break in the chain occurs (you lose your 2nd GY from the front or your opponent breaks it using SF) then all GYs suffer reduced reinforcement times. Possible escalting penalty.


Return of the GuardEdit

Essentially undo the patch 1.11 changes to AV, regarding the numbers of npcs and their health/dmg. Nothing ruins the sense of an epic battle than a zone which is virtually empty. This is the most vital change you will read on this page.

  • attack units spawned from garrison, controllable.
  • smarter unit AI
  • Flyers will return to base ifthey are toodamadged, to heal and redeploy
  • De-aggroed commanders will instantly recapture flags.
  • Boss and adds are linked,adjusted accordingly.
  • When bases are 1st attacked Commanders will emerge to fight off attackers, becoming immune at 80% and retreating into their fortress. Linked to the bases.
  • all linked guards must be dead for a flag to finish turning to a full colour


Reward SystemEdit

-New Back slot item availabe to Exalted players- Con. Provides a stamina buff and fear resist to players ingroup and npcs and records WIns/Losses. Aura level is linked to win/loss (value balanced) ratio. Chance to proc 'Die hard' buff, delaying the player's death for 5 seconds.

Player issuesEdit

Mirror image/ Place swappingEdit

Support: Simple way to fix any issue of imbalance: give both sides the same thing. Proposals range from exact same in everyway bar skins, to starting positions and npcs alternating.

Oppositon: Seems like a cop-out. In reality generals have to deal with the terrain they have, both its opportunities and its challenges. Also if you follow the theory of entrenched winners and losers all this will result in is AFKers getting to see the inside of a different cave.

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