Hi! In this world within a world known as the internet, I am Syrra Coventry; writer, comic relief, and adventurer (not necessarily in that order at any given moment). I've been an avid FanFic writer for many years (more than my daughter has lived, by far) across many genres. My current love of lore and FanFic is with World of Warcraft. I've written many short stories and am in the process of writing an extended Journal as well as "novel" of my travels and encounters throughout Azeroth and other interconnected worlds.

Yes, the above means that I take on the persona of my "main" character. Some may not understand this, but it's a long forgotten trait of those who delve deep into development of their fictional characters. I don't seek to convert those who don't adopt this form of personalization, but I do ask that others respect my choice in doing so.

The rest of known as my bio page will be updated as the mood strikes. Right now? It's not striking much. ;)

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