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Maia Ramsay looking rather pissed, as drawn by the player of Bitterbrew of Argent Exodus.

Basics Edit

Maia moves with an innate self-confidence that makes her seem older than her youthful features suggest. Her coppery red hair flares out in wild, deliberate disarray around her fine-boned face, accentuated with dark gold streaks. Her dusky periwinkle eyes are shaded with long lashes the same colour as her hair, and freckles dust the bridge of her pert nose. She stands a bit shorter than average for a human woman and is svelte in form.

Around her left wrist she bears a narrow gold-link bracelet from which depends an ornate silver key and a small wrench, though she is often seen toying with a ring on her left hand.

Maia is one of the founding Councilors of Argent Exodus, a guild dedicated to the reclamation of all Alliance lands lost in the Wars. An empath -- not a priestess -- she is often found on the frontlines of their battles, taking the wounds of her comrades.

On June 27th, 2006, Maia wed fellow Argent Exodus leader Craft Ramsay, abandoning her surname of Sherbourne and taking his instead.

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Maia plays on Alliance 32Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US.

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