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Real Name: Marcus Jay Best (Nickname: MJ)

Resides: Atlanta,Georgia. USA

Interest: Playing WoW for hours, goint to wowwiki, sleeeping when not playing WoW, Rap music, Graffiti

Likes: Pizza, Raiding, Shaman, Graffiti($AG)

Dislikes: Gnomes, WoW Books

About: I'am a 16 year old student just trying to survive it through high school.


[1]My compuers background. A cool looking shaman

[2] I don't think i would mess this lock.

[3] Was my background when i was addicted to my priest.

[4] Tight looking rouge but i have never made one though.

[5] A NE druid. I' gona make a NE druid when BC on a new server, becuse when BC coems out i would think nobody would make one

[6] i Have yet to seen a real alli look this cool

[7] A high level shaman. (it was stupid of him to go into naxx enhancement specced)

[8] I don't think i have ever sen a mount this big.

[9] Some hud this guy was mesing around with. [the smileys were there because that's how that particular mod shows Buff/Debuff slots when not used.]

[10] This guy had to change his name after months and getting to 60.

[11] Zerg group some guy joined.

[12] guy on turtle

[13] A halo2 match i did online and comptely dominated on. My gamertag is- Cashmoney111

[14] Some AOE damage with some guy's mage

[15] more AOE

[16] More AOE

[17] Thatboyjohn pic

[18] 1337 Latency some other guy had.

[19] Warsong Gulch Match where all of the horde got higher than alli (took in 05)

[20] RFK CLOSE CALL (final pic)
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