I am an active WoW player, my main being Spilledstars on the Oceanic realm named Caelastrasz. She's a level 80 resto druid who happens to carry decent gear to support her feral alt spec. I have a very small handful of other characters I also play in WoW, most of them on that same realm. On the realm Terrokar, I play a paladin named DistantSuns.

I joined Wikia so that I could comment on an active discussion regarding WoWWiki. I do pop back here sometimes though I like the layout in Wowpedia.

News April 2011 - I am enjoying Cata quite a bit. It should be no surprise that Spilledstars is now level 85. Although I'm not really a hardcore raider, nor all that active a dungeoner, I've at least gotten far enough to do Heroics, and I'm okay at it so far.

My guild on Caelastrasz is growing and regardless of how few players we have active (though we've a decent handful of toons) I'm pleased to say we reached Guild Level 2, and are working on a few Guild Runs for our lower level alts.

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