The Void Draenei, also called the Exiled Ones, are a race of Draenei who lived on the void-infested world of K'aresh, and have learned how to study, harness, and control the void. They were once original Draenei that lived on Shar'gel thousands of years before the Burning Legion conquered it. For centuries, many Draenei were wanting to learn how to master the void rather than learning the ways of the Light. The Exarchs feared what this power could do, and so they banished those for the exploration of void magic and used their power to transport them to K'aresh which was filled with so much void that Dimensius the All-Devouring and his armies had brought. While living on the planet, every exiled Draenei were strong enough to resist the whispers and understand how to control the void which failed to corrupt them. Hoping to prove their kin wrong for banishing them, the Void Draenei were visited by Velen, who saw what they accomplished and brought them into the Alliance.



More than 115,000 years before the fall of Argus, a massive group of Draenei were fascinated by the void and believed it to be a great weapon that can fight alongside the light. The Council of Exarchs considered it as anarchy and since they feared that if the void was brought here, it would corrupt the World-soul of Argus the Unmaker. All the Draenei that wanted to study the void were banished from Argus. Taking a Dimensional Ship, the Draenei Void Worshippers discovered the broken world of K'aresh, which was attacked by the void lord Dimensius the All-Devouring and his void armies. Hoping to prove the Council of Exarchs wrong on what they do with the void, the Draenei studied, harnessed, and learned how to control this power rather than listening to the whispers. There, they would be transformed into Void Draenei.

Rise of the HordeEdit

During the rise of the Old Horde, the Draenei of Karabor, under the leadership of Velen, had been defending the Temple of Karabor from the Orcs under the leadership of Gul'dan and the Shadow Council. When a pillar of Void energy ripped through the sky and slammed down on Karabor, many Draenei defenders were driven into madness, causing them to transform themselves into "Void Draenei". While Velen called on his powers to keep the Void at bay and rally the survivors to Karabor's harbor, all the Darenei that fell to the Void were secrelty transported to the void-infested world of K'aresh.

Battle for AzerothEdit

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During the Blood War between the Alliance and Horde, Velen had a vision that he would venture into a void-infested world that was inhabited by his kin.

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