The Jalgar are a new playable race affiliated with the Alliance. Inhabiting the world of Bonich, the Jalgar's language is Ursaian and can speak in the common language. After the Burning Legion failed to conquer Bonich, the Jalgar find themselves siding with honorable allies within the Alliance. Their starting point and only area is mainly the Grizzly Woodlands, but many more live in different parts of the planet.


Race Preview

A fierce race of bear-like humanoids who once dwelled in the northern reaches of ancient Kalimdor long ago before the War of the Ancients and the Great Sundering. While those remained on Azeroth and became Furbolg, a colony of Jalgar settled on the world of Bonich and made it their home during the time when the War of the Ancients erupted.


Jalgar resemble the Furbolgs of the world of Azeroth. These humanoids are very smart, a bit aggressive, noble, and faithful in their hearts and endure the nature.


Those who play as Jalgar can choose from the following classes:

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