The Arimaspians are a race of one-eyed humanoids that live User:Spenpiano/Maerylore, a hidden continent in the northern part of Draenor that survived its destruction from the Dark Portal.


Originally from Draenor, Arimaspians were one of the last races of Draenor's giants. They were highly intelligent and spent their entire life in Lortheron where they planned on building their civilization. Their, they build a huge capital city in the mountain, in which they name it Scytha Mountain.



Arimaspians usually speak Low Common. They are highly intelligent ones may speak Common or other languages that they learn from their new friends.


There is a great variety in the Arimaspians. Their average is 10 feet when they reach adulthood and their skin tones range in color from shades of peach to light. They are also described to be beautiful in a way since they look a little similar to a human. While they gain their strength, Arimaspians are fast, strong, and highly intelligent humanoids that can easily take down an enemy with their bare hands or silvery axes.

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