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General Info

Name: Uruz


Nickname: 'Watcher' of the Viperian

Race: Tauren

Age: Unknown (Has been guessed at about 50 in Tauren years)

Height/Weight: 8'3"/592lbs

Class: Druid

Professions: Skinning and Tribal Leatherworking

Guild: None

Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Physical Description

  • Uruz is covered in very short velvet silver fur, with the occasional lumpy scar peeking through.
  • The pupils in his eyes are slit like a reptile, and the colour of his eyes are red.
  • If his shirt is off, he has several large scars from being impaled by spears in battle. They lay parallel to his ribs on his lower right side.
  • His voice is very low in tone.
  • His skin is almost cold to the touch


As far as Uruz can remember, he was always alone. He hid in the woods of Mulgore as a child, scavanging all he could to survive. His oldest possession is a stone rune tied about his neck. The Rune, Uruz.
He never knew what became of his parents, or why he was alone. His past, his blood, a mystery.
When he came of age, he set off to Camp Narache in Red Cloud Mesa to begin his training. While hunting in Ashenvale, he came across a large Battle. The Horde fighting this battle were called the Stormcaller Tribe. He followed them into Astranaar, and fought with them. Weeks later he was visiting Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff and came across a Stormcaller meeting. Afterwards, he approached Bullhoof, a Warchief of the Tribe, and then on was himself a Stormcaller.

After many season's with the Stormcaller Tribe, he had meet, and fell in love with a Huntress named Wanderspirit. It seemed their relationship had been cursed, since they had been stalked by the Warlock Juralek. He causes them pain on a regular basis, and his main focus is Wanderspirit.

Since this began to happen on a regular basis, Uruz and Wanderspirit both left the Tribe, and are trying to make due.

Uruz still searches for more answers of his past.

For a long time astray, Uruz has returned to the Stormcaller Tribe. He has taken a master, Kodar the Viperian.

Friends and Enemies



Former Friends, and Allies:

IC Opinions of Uruz

  • Of all the people of Azeroth, Kodar knows of no one else who shows such loyalty to both him and the Viperian. He is the Viperian Lord's second-in-command and the first Watcher under Kodar's leadership. The Dark Druid hopes to be worthy of the service this lonely bull has given him.
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