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General Info

Name: 'Sister' Skulda Blackheart

Skulda Blackheart

Nickname: Destroyer of Dreams

Race: Forsaken

Age: 24 (one year in Undeath, died at 23)

Height/Weight: 5'9"/110 lbs

Class: Shadow Priest

Professions: Tailoring and Mining

Guild: The Stormreaver Clan

Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Physical Description

  • Skulda's skin is pale grey like the Winter's sky, and thin as rod. Her figure, though very frail, still holds a feminine shape. Not much different than when she was living.
  • Skin on her elbows and knees was surgically replaced by the talented Medic, Zamboozle. The flesh was harvested by Volgroth, and his friend, Kaogrom.
  • When her gloves are removed, you will notice a hole through her left palm. It is about an inch in diameter from her old Blood Oath for her Master.


Skulda was an Oracle to the Warlock Juralek, in the growing The Stormreaver Clan. She was appointed this position along with her close friend, Clottia, another Forsaken priestess of the Shadows.

Riddled with mental wounds from her past life, she often finds herself spitting and threatening those who get too close to her. Her temper is dangerously short (though she does her best to suppress it), and even those she cares for are not safe from it.

Snatched away by nuns when she was born, unwanted by her Mother who was soon to be wed to King Varian Wrynn. She was poorly educated in her past life. She was force to grow up in the poor areas of Stormwind, often stealing her meals to survive. As she grew older, her hatred developed into a lust for blood, instead of the flesh of men. This new occupation had lead her to her death (and rebirth asForsaken).

Skulda served Queen Sylvanas, under Father Maleficarus in the Church of Inverted Dawn for a long time before rejoining with her Master and the The Stormreaver Clan.

"Shadow Protect Us."

Adores, Tolerates and Despises


Does not feel the need to kill:


  • Kodar - She was told early on as an Oracle to Juralek Deathgrip that he was an abomination. He distasteful attitude towards her proves it. She wants to have him dead before her, and to keep his forked tongue as a souvenir.
  • Duskrider Tribe - Their members seemed very rude to her in Brill, and several of them wish to do her harm.
  • Blood Elves
  • Trolls
  • Tauren
  • Griffonclaw - Had an interesting meeting with him in the Gilded Rose, Ratchet.

Sewing Circle

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IC opinions of Skulda

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  • Clottia constantly derides her about being a 'whore', but in truth is probably one of Clottia's only true friends. She thinks she shows far too much skin and allows herself to fall prey far too often to the whims of warlocks and men in general.
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