I'm a non-hardcore, explorer type of player proud to be Forsaken. I play WoW for its lore, the friends I play with and the fact it's an utterly satisfying OCD pastime.

I've co-founded a small, casual guild on Misha-US named "Future Tense", and have taken charge of the vault and running instances. I've no fixed player character type - my main is an affliction/destruction warlock, though I enjoy my shadow/holy priest too. I also have a mid-level Undead warrior tanking Azeroth's old instances.

Above all else I enjoy the Forsaken culture, engineering and running PvE instances. I've also considered myself a long-term Goblin sympathiser, and so it's with baited breath that I await the Cataclysm.

Characters Edit

My characters are kept on Misha-US, and are all named after constellations. Originally this was because I enjoy Battlestar Galactica, and the characters were named after the 12 colonies. Then during the course of abandoning alts., I started to run out of zodiac! I name hunter pets after stars - for example, Acubens is a star in the Aries constellation.

  • Gemenar: Destruction warlock (affliction off-spec), miner & goblin engineer
  • Capricar: Shadow priest (holy off-spec), jewelcrafter & mooncloth tailor
  • Scorpinar: Protection warrior, miner & swordsmith
  • Taurinar: Restoration druid, skinner & tribal leatherworker
  • Cygnar: Enhancement shaman, miner & armoursmith
  • Piscar: Protection paladin, miner & jeweller
  • Aquariar: Arcane mage, herbalist & transmuter
  • Aurigar: Undead death knight (bank alt.), scribe & enchanter


  • Virgar: Combat rogue, miner & engineer
  • Ariessar & Acubens: Marksman hunter & crab, miner & goblin engineer

Badges Edit

Warlock-undead-f-80 This user plays as an undead warlock.
Trade mining This user plays as a Miner / Engineer. Trade engineering
Misha This user plays on the US Misha server.
Races undead This user is exalted with theUndercity.
Achievement character orc male This user is exalted with the
Warsong Offensive.
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